Never Say Never Again?

This is a story about money, betrayal, confrontation and revenge. It only needs a girl to be suitable for a 007 movie, and James Bond is indeed its main character. Since Microsoft and Nintendo launched their respective classic games download services, there has been a lot of talk about a possible and widely desired revision of Rare's popular GoldenEye 007 for the N64. However, a massive whirlpool of legal issues always stood in the way.

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Legionaire20053961d ago

Screw the Virtual Console(Wii) they never offer online play and Hi-Definition graphics nuff said!!!!

CNIVEK3961d ago

...why Nintendo SUCKS. F#ck you, Iwata and Miyamoto. :o

Stretchystrong3961d ago

Nintendo is getting all high and mighty again. Obviously the live arcade version would sell better, but nintendo would still profit from the deal. They need to stop being 2 year olds and grow up. I love my wii, but goddamn if that wouldn't be the best game ever on live arcade.

ChickeyCantor3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

They could release the original on the Wii and make a new one on the XBA..both win, plus rare will get its share anyway.

@stretchy i dont really understand your complaint.
if they release a version on XBLA then what is nintendo doing exactly to the game?
you do not make sense @ all.

Wardy3961d ago

@sidar he makes perfect sense. his complaint is that nintendo wont allow it to be brought to XBLive AND to the Wii because they are getting high and mighty. Both Microsoft and Nintendo would benefit if it did in fact come to both systems. What could be clearer than that.

ChickeyCantor3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

how is it nintendo's doing?
James bond license isnt with nintendo
Its rare who programmed it

so I really dont see what nintendo is going to do anyway.
If its all up to nintendo then there would be golden eye on VC a long time ago.

" According to the same source, this amazing edition never got the green light because Nintendo"
ACCORDING TO THIS ACCORDING TO THAT, we dont even know if its all true from the beginning.

Only hard evidence that there would be a new version on XBLA could prove this right..
and that picture doesnt tell much either

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