The Sexual Politics Of The Mushroom Kingdom

Who's sleeping with who, why Peach is a slut, and why Mario really needs better self-esteem.

Just what in the hell is going on with Mario and Peach? It was so simple back in the old NES days of Super Mario Bros. She got herself kidnapped, he went after her with the help of Luigi, and all ended happily ever after. Or so we thought.

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lynx1halo3933d ago

She slept with Bowser ...........Bowsers kids didnt just come from nowhere......

DiLeCtioN3933d ago

this is so funny everytime i play mario games i always think why peach is captured repeatedly T.T

Panthers3933d ago

if your raped its not being a slut.

Sexius Maximus3933d ago

ever happen to Princess Toadstool?? Where did this Peach chick come from?

Gaara_7243933d ago

iwould love to have sex with peach bet thats what mario is like

Fat Bastard3933d ago

Have any of you noticed that ALWAYS has some kind of sexual article. I mean, every time I go there, there's something relating to boobs, sex, or women. I actually read the title of this article on the main page of n4g and thought, "I'll bet my balls that's from". Well, I didn't bet my balls, but I did guess it was from It's not bad, just interesting.

RecSpec3933d ago

Some people have WAY too much time on their hands, myself included for commenting on this, although this kinda explains why the final battle in Sunshine took place on Bowser's hot tub.

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