CES 08: Alienware Curved Monitor Impressions by Shacknews

Nick Breckon writes, "A resolution of 2880x900. Dimensions equivalent to two 24" widescreen monitors standing end-to-end. DLP rear projection on a curved screen, with OLED illumination. An insignificant .02ms response time."

"Alienware's new curved monitor caused quite a stir when it was revealed here at CES. It seemed like the natural evolution of monitor technology had finally arrived. After all, the human eye is curved, so why shouldn't our monitors curve too? What a great idea."

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Marceles3937d ago

The monitor looks really cool. I wish it was thin though...the back of the monitor is pretty thick

Cartesian3D3937d ago

as I said before.. we must wait for OLED displays gettin more cheaper in commin years..DLP displays SUX for high frame rates and fast motion picture..

OLED displayes are completely VIVID and BRIGHT and have less than 2ms response and 360 degree view angle ( some of them like the Flexible toshiba one , u can see the picture from behind .. lol )

and the most important part,beside their INSANE picture, they have extremely slim structre and flexible panel..

so we will have these curved VIVID OLED displays in future.. I think less than 2 years from now..

Lord Anubis3936d ago

OLEDs can be bent. I rather have a 3mm bent OLDE rather than a hugh 1 foot deep tv.

Also there are screens bent for cinemas that can be bought for a home theater although they are very expensive.

ElementX3936d ago

Eh, i'm happy with my 22" widescreen samsung