Fans Take Up Arms and Fix Nintendo's Fighter Themselves

Since day one, fans of the franchise have always argued that alterations made to Brawl were done to appeal to a more casual crowd, with the infamous and unpredictable "tripping" mechanic being a beacon for all that was wrong with Nintendo's ensemble fighter. For hardcore fans, the skill-based gameplay of Super Smash Bros. Melee was cast aside for the accessibility and fun of some of Brawl's unpredictable quirks.

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Enigma_20992784d ago

This isn't even what I consider a "fighter..."

Hicken2784d ago

Well, it kinda is, but it kinda isn't, too. To me, it's more like Power Stone than Street Fighter; the former is more like a brawler than the latter, which is a more definitively a fighter.

CanadianTurtle2784d ago

Why? Because its not by Capcom? Because it doesn't have 30 button combo memorizations? SSB differentiates itself from the norm, and I would consider it much more fun and just about as tournament-worthy as any other fighter out there.

Anyway back on topic. Let me say that Brawl was made to play more slower paced than Melee so that people wouldn't abuse the wave dashing and wouldn't exploit some characters like Marth, Fox, and Captain Falcon.

It was made a bit slower so that people wouldn't exploit cheap moves. But it still takes a lot of skill to get good.

Enigma_20992783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

That's your opinion. I'll stick to mine. And d*** all the disagrees.

Why don't you people go try the Alpha series or the SNK series...

Arnagrim2784d ago

"For hardcore fans, the skill-based gameplay of Super Smash Bros. Melee..."
I could rant about this for hours.
Tournament level Smash Bros. is like the Special Olympics of competitive fighting games. The games are fun, and their accessibility makes them great party games; but there is a serious lack of depth and balance to these games to put them at the same level as the Street Fighters, Virtua Fighters and Guilty Gears. Melee was as much a competitive fighter as the Dissidia Final Fantasy games.