The Vita is supposedly far more powerful than the 3DS but it's soulless

Ade Hawkins: Much has been made regarding the rumoured power - or lack thereof - of the Wii U. The truth is, Nintendo can make those chips sing. It isn't about how many teraflops of data you chuck around, it's what you do with them. The Vita is supposedly far more powerful than the 3DS, but it's soulless (with tiddly analogue sticks). So don't worry about whether Wii U has an outdated GPU or 1GB RAM. Worry about how amazing Super Mario Galaxy 3 will look in HD, and the added dimension that controller will provide.

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32372d ago

It's seemingly the DS and PSP all over again, or I should say, headed in that direction.

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Crap_Turtle2372d ago

It was always going to be that way, but some trolls learn harder than others.............

This time its even worse for sony

Awesome_Gamer2371d ago

The Vita was just released.. the good games still haven't been released (except for uncharted) so it will be better in the future

rjdofu2371d ago

@Awesome_Gamer: Uncharted Vita wasn't that good compared to the PS3 counterpart.

I think Monster hunter & COD will decide the fate of the Vita.

Yodagamer2372d ago

I'd say it is kinda worst, the ds had a bad first year, and the psp had a good beginning year, so far the vita hasn't impressed me as much as the psp did, while the 3ds has had an improved first year

mafiahajeri2372d ago

Hasnt impressed you? Uncharted didnt impress you? You dont see the potential? Its a launch title and it looks and plays great.

Like I said before nobody gives Sony a chance the Vita has hardly been out and people have already deemed it as a failure. How long were people saying the ps3 has no games? Even when Sony was racking up the great exclusives people were saying that. Where are they now? Yeah their nowhere to be seen.

Give the VITA a chance and these same people talking crap about the vita will be gone...

Trolling for hits while they can is what it is.

Yodagamer2371d ago

I never said it didn't impress me, i just felt that there was more to offer on the psp by this timeframe in it's life cycle.

Biggest2371d ago

And by time frame you mean first few months. How long did it take for worthwhile games to show up on the 3DS? Short memories around this piece!

Yodagamer2371d ago

@Biggest As you obviously failed to see i'm comparing it to the psp...

GamerzElite2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Yodagamer you are talking abt 10years old kid... its time to grow up...

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Bimkoblerutso2372d ago

I feel like SONY just likes to promote the absolute worst mentality when it comes to handheld gaming. They assume that the only thing people want are (slightly inferior) portable versions of console games.

That's why the Vita (and the PSP before it) is getting tons and tons of ports, but even a large amount of the ones that are not direct ports, like Golden Abyss, are still basically just an emulation of games that have already come out on console.

There's still hope, though. It's very early and there are some VERY promising games on the horizon.

Hicken2372d ago

The whole POINT of the Vita is to be a console-on-the-go. If the games DIDN'T feel like slightly weaker versions of games already on consoles, it would be a failure.

As it stands, the Vita is doing an excellent job of being what it's supposed to be. All this nonsense about it losing steam or needing more games is pretty silly in the face of the fact that it's STILL got one of the largest libraries a system has ever had at this point in its life. Even if you only look at ports, the 3DS didn't have as many at this point; what was there, besides SFIV? I wasn't a member of the site, but I DID use it regularly at work- GameStop- and I simply do not recall this many articles about the 3DS at the same point in its life.

Bimkoblerutso2372d ago

^Sure there were. At one point, n4g and gaming sites everywhere were ablaze with "the impending failure of 3DS" articles, especially when Nintendo themselves announced the numbers, Iwata apologized, and the price drop and ambassador programs were revealed.

Though I wasn't trying to compare the two, to tell the truth. I didn't even mention the 3DS.

And I don't really see how it would be a failure. One of the most anticipated games on the system (Gravity Rush) is a game that does not adhere to that aesthetic.

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MaxXAttaxX2371d ago

That is exactly what Nintendo has been doing since the first GameBoy, emulating console gaming on handheld devices.

That's what the D-pad, face buttons, shoulder buttons and analog sticks on both Sony and Nintendo devices are for, otherwise all handheld games would be like iPhone games.

Just because the PS Vita is capable of playing ports of PS3 games, doesn't mean that's all it does.
There are several unique games for download and on retail that use the touchscreen in unique ways, along with motion and camera. None of which can be done on a PS3.

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kikizoo2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

[email protected] fanboyz anti-sony, and all others blind and delusional fanboys who always downplay best games and hardware, always acting like 1 good nintendo good games is better than 50 sony's better ones...(yes, like for ps3, they have more power, but also more and better games : just a fact, check meta scores)

it's really a shame to see that kind of stupid logic for a gamer.

Dms20122371d ago

Please don't tell me English is your first language.

Patriots_Pride2371d ago

Microsoft is smart to stay out of this one and let Sony and Nintendo duke it out.

As long as Nintendo has Mario and Pokemon they will dominate the charts.

I know that its hard to create a game or character that rivals Mario but Sony should bring all of its top studios together and make them focus on a game for as long as the need to get this.

LBP has potential but Sack Boy is not iconic enough and has no personalty - he can be anyone which is where Sony went wrong with LBP.

ThePsychoGamer2371d ago

LBP is all about customization, so it would make sense that they want the main character of that series to be canvas in which the player could paint whatever kind of character they wanted. Though personality shouldn't matter that much since Sackboy has the same amount of personality as Mario anyways.

GamerzElite2371d ago

@Patriots_Pride you are talking about domination... ha ha ha... you guys have only 2-3 games in a year but we have 100 of titles.. so whenever a game came out on Nintendo you guys ran to grab those and play same things again and again.. We have choice so we bought games whatever we like.. this is the fact your title sold as equal as your console exist.... understood

Ult iMate2371d ago

>>and has no personalty
You are talking like that, as if Mario has any personality. What personality does Mario have? A plumber saving a princess - that's a great personality indeed /s.

Shnazzyone2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Lol look at the backlash. Love how people are still pretending 3ds isn't a hardcore platform. I suppose if you don't consider metal gear, street fighter, zelda, resident evil, kid icarus, Kingdom hearts, and mario hardcore games then i guess you're right.

Guess it's hard when you have 3 new games worth playing on a system you payed 250-300(not counting storage) for. That can make you very sensitive about reality. Yeah I payed 250 too with the same experience. Hope sony gives you 20 games to play after they are forced to price drop sony fans.

Biggest2371d ago

Here's another memory challenged person. How much was the 3DS when it launched? How many of the games you listed were available at launch? People were singing the doom song for the 3DS in its early months and folks like you were defending it. It was way back in the past of a few months ago!

Shnazzyone2370d ago

@big covered that. Said i hope you sony kids get 20 free games when sony is forced to price drop.

My point is that people calling 3ds "not hardcore" are just feeling insecure about their purchase.

cannon88002371d ago

Hmmm.... I never knew that consoles have souls.

jujubee882371d ago

NOW I need to step in for the VITA.

It is almost as if people are ready to burn in effigy something they think is monster, but is actually a character that has a heart of gold. (If I where to make an analogy in that illustrative tone)

If I could give people that only see the 3DS side of things the low-entropy model sales pitch on the VITA, it would be that the VITA is a "gamers device". I love playing the games it has (Katamari, P3P, Ragnarok Odyssey, etc). I do not need to stand-up for the device. Those that own a VITA are well aware of the substantial software experiences that are exclusive to the VITA.

The whole business of comparing 3DS and VITA in terms of sales numbers is actually logical. One can use empirical evidence (from sales charts) to see how the 3DS is doing, project those sales and speculate further. TOTALLY FAIR.

... But saying the games on the 3DS have been, are and always will be better than the games on the VITA is dealing "definite's" in a very silly manner; games can be (and in various cases are) a subjective form of entertainment and art.

So, yeah, VITA is cool. Feels good.

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NYC_Gamer2372d ago

Vita is more powerful but lacks ground breaking software compared to the 3DS right now

brettyd2372d ago

What is "ground breaking" on the 3ds? Don't get me wrong I enjoy mine but it's games aren't anything different from nintendos usual offerings.

KillerPwned2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

I would have to say the best game on 3DS in terms of using the hardware would be Resident Evil Revelations. Its by far the best looking game too.

I do gotta agree nothing ground breaking yet...but pushed out some worthy titles. Kid icarus, I have not played but it looks pretty good...

I don't own a 3DS yet just a Vita but I play my friends 3DS quite a bit.

Bottom line Nintendo is all about keeping their old flag ship titles fresh and releasing them over all their different consoles and handhelds. That is just how they are I don't see it ever changing to much.

PopRocks3592372d ago

So far the killer apps for it include Resident Evil Revelations, Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 and Kid Icarus Uprising.

There is also a hefty collection of downloadable games and demos, so that helps as well.

Back when it was first released I viewed it as an investment when I heard they were giving us a new Paper Mario RPG and a new Luigi's Mansion (two franchises I really love). So bought one and am currently waiting for those to release.

As for games I'm itching to get now, I want to get Tales of the Abyss 3D (as I've yet to play that game and I want to support it by buying it new) and Tetris Axis because, well, I'm a sucker for Tetris. I'm considering the Pac-man/Galaga game as well, but I want to try it first.

Ult iMate2371d ago

How exactly games that you mention are groundbreaking. Please explain.

TheBlackSmoke2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

never ending mario games isn't ground breaking.

edit: I know, the only thing that made 3ds unique is that it has 3d... and everyone agrees that its shit and the games are better with it turned off. Nintendo are the laziest and most out of touch company, they haven't even made a new franchise since pikmin.

NYC_Gamer2372d ago

Well,the millions of Nintendo fans think other wise.....They buy the handhelds to play all the old Nintendo franchises regardless..

ronin4life2371d ago

Sakura Samurai, the three wii rpgs and Dillons rolling western are examples of New Ips from Nintendo that made it to the west.

ThanatosDMC2372d ago

They just need to release more games. I want those fps games.

stragomccloud2372d ago

To be fair though, 3DS has been out longer.

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MrMister2372d ago

The Vita JUST came out not too long ago. Yeah, the Vita has some good games, but for a handheld that's been out as long as it has been, it isnt really all that impressive (The DS had waaay better games, and alot more in just it's first year--and so did Gameboy/Color and even Game Boy Advance).

Seems like Nintendo's on the decline when it comes to the core gamer audience (excluding casuals and Nintendo fanboys who forgot to take off their pre-Iwata rose colored glasses off).

neutralgamer192371d ago

Lol i had to sign in to respond to this. Groundbreaking software on the 3ds please point me in that direction and shw me this so i can buy a 3ds right now. You mustbe kidding right? Uncharted is a launch title vita game and is arguably better than anything the 3dshas to offer.

There is absolutely nothing groundbreaking about regurgitated ips on the 3ds so stop it. You know whats groundbreaking? Console graphics and controls on a handheld which the vita has. Also the ability to play console like mp games on a handheld like the vita has. Now tell me sir whars groundbreaking about the software on the 3ds so i can laugh harder.

Trust me ppl arent buying the vita bcus of the software since it has good offerings in a relatively short period of time. Its just like the ps3 childrrn couldnt afford it just like they cant afford the vita but their parents will buy them a 3ds since its cheaper. So lets just stop it.

ronin4life2371d ago

Monster Hunter 3g hasn't made it to the US(yet...), but I would consider dynamic shadows with detailed textures at a solid 40-60FPS(I can't tell, but damn it is definetly higher than 30FPS and tri on the wii.) In 3d "Grounbreaking" in the graphics regard.

strifeblade2371d ago

kid icarus says hello. And yes , as of right now 3ds, has more AAA titles than vita- even if you decide to include all the vita ports. the only good game on vita game thats not a port is uncharted, and even that game could not average highers than 80 on meta/gamerankings.

you forget that the 3ds has 3d... something the vita does not. ds had a touch screen... something psp did not. back then psp lovers are said who needs touch screen, well the vita incorporates it now.

try not to troll so hard, before i let reality smack you in the face

Knushwood Butt2371d ago


Monster Hunter 3G doesn't even have online play.

ronin4life2371d ago

That is a cultural and regional thing to do with Japan, Not Nintendo or MH.
The psp ones didn't have online either.
Furthermore, online can potentially be added now that the 3ds will allow game patching and updates with its newest Firmware update.

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tachy0n2371d ago

wait for the PSVita to be hacked to watch its full power in action!!!

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Noticeably_FAT2372d ago

You could say the same thing about the PlayStation Move against the Wii. Technically superior but the Move is pretty soulless in comparison to the Wii.

vita has nice specs, buy lacks the killer apps and it seems Sony doesn't have a habit of producing quality first party games on their handhelds.

Statix2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Because we all know, any good electronic product has a "soul." If it doesn't have a "soul" built-in, it's just not worth purchasing. The best electronics are self-aware. Like SkyNet.

Vague generalizations FTW.

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OllieBoy2372d ago

It's a been out a whole 3 months...

Snookies122372d ago

Haha you got 2 disagrees!? I guess there are people who don't believe facts, like when a system was released. XD

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andibandit2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

New systems need a strong gaming line up when they launch. The fact that it's been 3 months and still no sign of a flagship game is not a particularly good sign. This is what happened to PS3, weak start, but it's really got momentum and that took what? 4 years?.

so yeah it's only been out 3 months, only 3 years and 9 months to go.

CaptainN2371d ago

Japan Dec 17 2011 seems to disagree with this statement !!!! Just because it came out here a few months ago doesn't mean it hasn't had time to build up some software or get people excited about upcoming games. By this time in the 3DS existence major titles were already announced.... Kid Icarus, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D, Resident Evil Revelations, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Monster Hunter Tri G and Monster Hunter 4 etc. And at this time it already had Super Street Fighter 4 and remakes of Starfox 64 and Ocarina of Time.

360GamerFG2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

And is already tanking, thats the point. 3DS sold 3.61 million units worldwide by March 31 2011 after launching on 26 February. VITA still hasn't reached in 4 months what 3DS did in 1, at the same price point mind you.

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blackburn102372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

So what is the soul of the 3DS? Cheap gimmicks, over milked games, eye destroying 3D and charging $40.00 for remakes? I has nothing to do with which one has more 'soul'. It's which company can con the gullible people the most and Nintendo takes the prize for that one. Just imaging they can charge so much money for remakes and games they just add a single element to e.g. Mario Kart 7 but people complain when Sony charges almost the same amount or even less for game that are neither remakes or ports.

This gen is really the stupidest ever. I don't think you even need an I.Q. anymore to play a game. And least the people of earlier gens had some type of sense or personality. But now it's like i am listening to 5 year olds talk. Suddenly pieces of plastic and metal have 'souls' now. Even as a metaphor that is stupid. Does my TV have a soul too?I watch that for entertainment so can it be 'soulless too'. What garbage.

TheGamingArt2372d ago

Seriously, this article is DUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMBBBBBBB

mr_badhand2372d ago

I can feel your gives you focus.

Nintendo has yet again proven that you don't need high tech, useless features to have a great handheld. All you need is great,fun, imaginative software and support.

you speak of gimmicks but Vita has its own gimmicks too. High priced flashy gimmicks at that. You also scream of remakes and ports but the Vita also sports these same ports and remakes.

"but people complain when Sony charges almost the same amount or even less for game that are neither remakes or ports."

Uh ooooh, you think there might be a CONSPIRACY against Sony?? *cue scary music*

stuna12372d ago

So you're saying that nintendo have fun imaginative software!? From my standpoint, it lost that effect after the 2nd or 3rd iteration of games, that are rehashes of rehashes over and over again! Now don't get me wrong, all three are are guilty of this sin, but I'm talking about decades of little to no improvements.

adorie2371d ago

with that logic, a stick, some rocks and a nice dirt-yard can be more fun than the 3DS. agree or disagree?

mr_badhand2371d ago

Have YOU had fun with sticks, rocks and a dirt yard more than the 3ds? Because if you have then more power to you.

All i can tell you is that i have had more fun on my 3ds than any other handheld so i don't know what logic you are referring too because that's not my logic.

stragomccloud2372d ago

The 3D effect doesn't have permanent effects, there is simply eye strain during the honeymoon period when your brain is learning how to interpret the images as 3D. Myself and a number of user experienced some eye strain while first using the system, but after about a week of play through, I can look at it like I look at my 3DTV with glasses.