Digital Foundry: PlayStation 3D Display Review

Sony has managed to put together an extremely stylish LCD display complete with LED back-lighting and MotionFlow 240Hz processing. There's also a set of built-in speakers, full support for the most commonly supported range of 3D modes (via HDMI 1.4), and SimulView - a brand new way of delivering split-screen gaming to the user using 3D glasses. All in all, it's quite considerable package - one that features a number of striking benefits over the competition but not without hitting a new hurdles along the way.

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ZILLA2792d ago

Love this thing!i take it everywhere i my friends house on trips its super thin and lite.3D is the future of gaming.

MrDead2792d ago

Good review, if people are thinking of getting one read this I think they covered everything

Baka-akaB2792d ago

Good device , but too many flaws and a price not there yet to justify choosing this over a better 40 tv set for only a bit more , or a regular pc monitor . Unless you are that into the whole simulview option .

M83_2792d ago

I agree. And I know LG is supporting their own "simulview" technology so its only a matter of time before Samsung does it and Sony implements it in their main TV lineup.
I think 3D is brilliant though, regardless of what people think of it.

Baka-akaB2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

that's my second issue too , the 3d is good but nothing that much (or even at all ) better , than 3d on those equivalently priced tvs .

And 3d and small screen dont mix well imho , unless you at least go a pc set and can use it with stuff like nvidia 3dplay at higher frequencies and resolutions .