Crappyreviews:15 Minutes Of Xbox 360 HD Gameplay Footage Of The Ghost Recon:Future Soldier Beta

The Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta is officially up and running, we take a look at 15 minutes of HD footage from the Xbox 360 version. The game has a sleek feel and is pretty fast paced, if you bought Splinter Cell Conviction you are already in the beta and probably don't know it. Just pop in your Conviction disk and download the beta from there. The gameplay is what Socom would be if it were actually a fun game. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier releases for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on May 22nd.

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Tai_Kaliso2789d ago

Damn, looks pretty good. I wasn't aware that if you have Splinter Cell Conviction you already had a beta code. Guess I'll start downloading now!

Noticeably_FAT2789d ago

Ya, if you used to like Socom before Sony ruined them, you'll probably like this game.

TekoIie2789d ago

When you play it you'll see its quite different. Grenade spamming and unbalanced faction weapons. Hopefully will be fixed before release.

solidworm2789d ago

its not bad......too nooby with all the enemy on radar/screen crap but not bad at all

Dazel2789d ago

Can't believe someone thought this looked good, it looks like it's running on Advanced Warfighters 2's engine. However when working well, the game is pretty solid. Weapons are a little unbalanced, Ghost team are better. Lag, connection issues are a problem but it is a beta, just hope it's fixed for launch.

ShoryukenII2789d ago

The weapon customization is the best that I have ever seen. But the graphics are below average. One of the maps looks just like MAG. Was this the free to play Ghost Recon game?

FarCryLover1822789d ago

No, this is the $60 Ghost Recon coming May 25th.

ShoryukenII2788d ago

With Starhawk and Max Payne 3 (ignoring Dragon's Dogma) next month, I can't see this doing well even though its a military shooter.