Sony to reveal HUGE new PS3 exclusive game next Thursday on GTTV

Wait it seems like Sony plans to create a perfect platform before the upcoming E3 2012 event. Earlier this week, the publisher announced God of War: Ascension, and now they plans to reveal another HUGE PS3 exclusive title next Thursday on GTTV.

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theunleashed642372d ago

more and more and more exclusive games. jeez let my wallet recover for a minute here.

Dante1122372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Sweet, it's so nice to see the PS3 getting support like this. Gonna have a lot to play this year. The hardcore gamers are going to have something to play as well as the casual gamer with the Moves titles coming out this year. Feel sorry for those who are missing out.

Abash2372d ago

Im thinking Sony Smash Bros., or "PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale" as it might be called

360GamerFG2372d ago Show
Baka-akaB2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

then by it yourself for all you care . People can be glad about a varied portfolio of games without caring about all of them .

I for one am glad fans get their twisted metal , wont pretend i was going to buy and support it just cause it's a Sony game

sikbeta2372d ago

PlayStation Battle Royale :D

ACBAA2372d ago

feel sorry for them who dont continuously play games? lol, feel sorry for you.

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Gamer19822372d ago

The reason these exclusives are not being saved for E3? As they would be overshadowed by the PS4 announcement.

MysticStrummer2372d ago

I think FinancialGamer has no concept of how much choice in quality titles a PS3 owner has.

stephmhishot2372d ago

@financialgamer its easy to sell millions and millions of copies of an exclusive game when you only get a precious one or two every year. Since the beginning of 2011 alone, off the top of my head PS3 exclusives like LBP2, Killzone 3, Infamous 2, Resistance 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse, MLB the Show 11/12, Twisted Metal, and Uncharted 3 have been released and I'm probably missing a few, in addition to some of the great exclusive PSN games in the store.

Now did I buy everyone of them? Nah, the ones that I did pick up were Infamous 2, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 and both MLB games. Its still been a great 16 months of exclusive gaming as well as having multiplatform games sprinkled in as well. Does it make me any less of a PS3 owner because I don't own Twisted Metal?

da_2pacalypse2372d ago

some vita exclusives plz :)

cpayne932372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

@FinancialGamer why do you seem to talk more about sales than the games themselves? I myself check up on how different games and the industry is going as a whole, but you seem to bring up sales in random places where nobody is talking about them.

Whatever. Hope this is Sony Smash Bros, I would love a great party game.

Edit: Or Syphon Filter! Loved those games on the psp, and we need a sequel to the cliffhanger ending in Logan's Shadow!

venomcarnage892372d ago

I don't know about everyone else...

But wouldn't you guys prefer more of these announcements to actually wait UNTIL E3? They revealed almost every new game before E3 last year and it made the show itself very anti-climactic for me. I don't get why Sony likes to reveal so much of their hand so early, especially when they would own E3 completely if they just waited and announced all the awesomeness at once at the show...

FrigidDARKNESS2372d ago

I don't think anyone missing out on these games. They just can't afford to buy every pse exclusive that is released.If yotre from a wealthy family than shame on you for saying this.

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kneon2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )


It's probably because Sony doesn't care about "winning" E3 since there really is no winning to be done, and no financial gain in doing so.

By announcing a new exclusive every few weeks it ensures that Sony and the PS3 get a lot of ongoing media exposure. No matter what you do at E3 (short of a new console announcement) it will only stay in the news for at most a few weeks.

crxss2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

most likely PS all stars.

most anticipated unannounced ps3 i'm looking forward to is KH3 though

StanSmith2372d ago

Sony, please let this be Eight Days or The Getaway! Still can't believe they were put on hold!

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tokugawa2372d ago

@ dante

dont feel sorry for anybody. i am a ps3 owner that has not bought a sony mega-AAAAAAA exclusive for ages.

apart from a few, most are just forgetable. hence why dont sell. financialgamer was correct, but you fanboys dont like it!

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DrPepper2372d ago ShowReplies(3)
mobhit2372d ago

...I'm gonna be in the poor house again if Sony keeps this up. :P

-hugs PS3- Never stop delivering exclusives.

andibandit2372d ago Show
UnSelf2372d ago

thats what happens when you have variety :)

extermin8or2372d ago

I actually buy most of the ps3 exclusives aswell they make up the greater % of titles I buy; only reason I haven't bought twisted metal is basically because I hate the gameplay and style of the game; I will however be getting starhawk after my exams :) and Resistance burning skies and Gravity Rush :D just passing A levels between me and 2 months of gaming ;) hmm The Last of Us has been preordered since it's announcement the only ps3 exclusives i haven't bought recently were GOW3 and motorstorm 1 and 2 there might be a couple of others over the years but I can't think of them I'm in the minority that bought resistance 3 :p infact I got it day one and got the collectors edition I can safely say not many others can say that (unfortunatly it really deserved to sell better- kz3 numbers at least)

mobhit2372d ago

I care about quality and my personal enjoyment, not sales. The sales argument is getting stale.

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torchic2372d ago

lol I know right?!?

I mean I just finished Infamous 2 and Killzone 3 last week, still need to get to ICO Collection and UC3 finished.

gotta love Sony :)

Liquid_Ocelot2372d ago

"PlayStation has NO games" ....riiight, and the pope actually doesn't shit in the woods.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232372d ago

i don't see why sony are investing in these exclusives when they don't sell too well.

im gonna get disagreed to hell here but i think microsoft know how to make money. they have a few exclusives but are blockbuster titles were as sony churn out 20 exclusives a year to equal microsofts 3 exclusives sales.

i am not a console gamer so thats not a bias opinion.

neoMAXMLC2372d ago

Wheen you complain about too many games then something is clearly wrong with you.

Monkeysmoke2372d ago


As a gamer your all you should worry about is getting more good games pumped out for your console.
Leave the sales to the Sony and Microsoft to handle for christ sake even if halo tops for 20 million sales it not gonna benefit you anyway but if your sony releases 20 ps3 exclusives it gonna benefit you.

If 360 is your only console man am realy sorry you got only halo 4 and KINECT!!!! l=Dl.......

MrBeatdown2372d ago

If Sony keeps making games, clearly they are seeing some type of return on their investment.

Microsoft's never going to discover the next big game if all they are interested in is what is proven to sell.

problemchild842372d ago

I think Sony's plan seems to be more long term, building franchises that in theory sell more with each release and can continue onto the the next console they roll out.

Bathyj2372d ago

Yeah, youre right. MS know how to make money, but Sony know how to make games.

I dont know why anyone would be happy with less games because they make more money.

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solar2372d ago ShowReplies(1)
NeoBasch2372d ago

My guess is God of War: Ascension. It was just announced. We barely have any info. They need something to talk about by the 30th. They'll likely explain what we saw in the GTTV preview. I doubt it'll be a previously unannounced game. Sony will save that for E3.

Maddens Raiders2372d ago

Damn Sony gimmie a break & release some sort of time life's been on hold since GT5 dropped.

360GamerFG2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

wrong reply

Prince_Dim-Lu2371d ago

Man, I couldn't even imagine how much more your life would of been on hold, had you been playing the best racing game this generation. Forza 4.

Heck, both Forzas easily out rated GT5. You must be a PS3 only owner.

Outside_ofthe_Box2371d ago


And you obviously have never played GT5. GT5 is the best racing sim this gen end of.

I am eyeing that Forza Horizon though. I like open world games.

jwatt2372d ago


I think Sony doesn't wait until e3 because they want a steady momentum through the whole year. I think the ps3 sells are more competitive to the 360 when it's not the holiday season when all the casuals are buying a 360.

NastyLeftHook02372d ago

no doubt its always been this way for sony. thats why there my fav company.

S_C2372d ago

With all these reveals before E3 its leading me to believe that E3 will be all about the next gen consoles

joab7772372d ago

Can anyone say E3? Will anything be left? Does it matter anymore?

gintoki7772371d ago

It will be God Of war Ascension again XD

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DrPepper2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

another one? hmmmmm syphon filter is my guess.

Edit: wasn't there a rumor while back that a new syphon filter and new god of war was supposed to be announced in the same month.

SonyStyled2372d ago

yea but if i remember correctly the syphon filter rumor goes as far back as 08.

Dante1122372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

@ Pepper

Yeah, I think. Syphon Filter was the game back in the day. I'd lose it if a game was announced for the PS3.

Edit: @ Afterlife

Keyword is "PS3 exclusive". I don't think it's gonna be a PSN game.

Afterlife2372d ago

Keyword is "huge". This better not be over hyped by Geoff and then it turns out to be a PSN title.

DrPepper2372d ago

watch it be a sequel to fat princess lol

xyxzor2372d ago

Been waiting for that :D

DNAbro2372d ago

I would actually love that :D

Lilioups2372d ago

He said the same thing and hyped the last of us and he was was huge news and the hype was well deserved

GodHandDee2372d ago

Well it could be something like the next game by Thatgamecompany. For me that will definitely be HUGE, even if it's a psn title