The Sleeper Hits of 2008

Game Informer writes:
"As we've pointed out before, there's a lot to look forward to in 2008. In fact, there's so much on the gaming horizon that it can seem a little overwhelming. Sometimes it's easy to know what to look forward to-if you liked Mercenaries, Condemned or Rainbow Six: Vegas, you'll do all right to pick up their upcoming sequels. There are plenty of other games that, for whatever reason, might get lost in the crowd. Here's where we come in. We picked a few sleeper hits from this generation of gaming and tried to find titles that fans of those games might also appreciate. While they might not appeal to everyone, these are all games that deserve an audience."

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MK_Red5125d ago

They should have added Prototype as follower of Assassin's Creed.

Baba19065125d ago

really excited about prototype. looks great.

MK_Red5125d ago

Agreed. The game looks incredible. A mix of Assassin's Creed, Crackdown, Hulk Ultimate Destruction and few other fun games. Can't wait.

Mr Tretton5125d ago

Are you ready to be....Infamous?

Jack Tretton

MK_Red5124d ago

At first I thought the same thing and how some of the games are too old like Darkness and Portal but then, saw the near invisible If you Liked it text and got it. GI should have used a more obvious way of parting the 2 sides.

Maldread5125d ago

Looks the most interesting to me. The Club sounds cool on paper, but i was a bit disappointed when i saw it in action. I still think it could be fun though.

I think it`s a bit late for some of the games they mentioned like The Darkness, but i guess a reduced price or the word of consumers could prove me wrong here.

MK_Red5125d ago

lol, the Darkness is not among sleeper hits. The games on left are the old ones and it says if you liked them in 2007 them you'd be interested in the game to the right in 2008.

Also, definitly agreed on The Club. The idea sounds really cool and it should be really awesome but seeing the game in action was more than disappointing. Also I believe GI should have used PGR4 for The Club since both have kudos and are kinda similair in phylosophy.

Maldread5124d ago

Haha lol i didn`t notice, that was stupid of me ;)

HarryEtTubMan5125d ago

I want to try Echocrome, Infamous and The Agency.

Maddens Raiders5125d ago

is said by a British speaking person like Phil H. Makes it sound like some bad-ass gun-wielding game with 5lbs. of metal in your hand blasting through skyscraper canyons.

Anyway...I want this game.

socomnick5125d ago

Jesus what kind of handgun weights 5 pounds :).

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The story is too old to be commented.