Half-Life 3 Tease Found In Valve Employee Handbook

Gamedeption - The Valve employee handbook has been leaked on the internet, but there's one particular page page in this handbook that caught our attention.

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turokgames2789d ago

Always sneak in a teaser :P

Nitrowolf22789d ago

Yeah, I feel like they love trolling us with all these teases.

VanillaBear2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I always feel like it's building up to something then the trail goes cold.

It's a bit of a stretch but they could be getting ready for E3 and teasing us with HL3 info. Maybe another arg will be set up near E3

They can't go to E3 and announce another game thats not HL3, a lot of people would be p*ssed, it's getting beyond a joke now with the lack of HL3 news.

They won't announce Portal 3...way to soon

They won't announce L4D3...they said they were going support L4D2 like TF2 and again it's way to soon

They won't announce TF3, I think they're going to see how the F2P turns out long term.

They won't show off DOTA2/CS:GO...already been shown off last year and are in good solid Beta's

They won't show off a new IP...because lets face it, Valve working on another established franchise which not HL is a p*ss take but a brand new IP altogether.....the Steam Forums would explode with rage.

Saladfax2789d ago

A new IP probably wouldn't piss people off *that* much. It's not too hard to remember that Valve is a very large company working on several projects at any given time. Different teams working on HL:3 and a new IP is far from impossible.

NiceGuy1922789d ago

I believe that they've been working on it for a very long time, but as both their and the public's expectations are so enormously high, it has been pushed forward and been remade several times. Ultimately, and sadly, it will probably be pushed forward until the end of time...

360GamerFG2789d ago

Half Life 3 is like a hot chick that knows she's hot. Freaking tease!

2789d ago
Lucreto2789d ago

HL3 must be an inhouse joke. They find ways to troll the fanbase just to invoke a reaction.

The last 3 or 4 years Valve trolled E3 announcements like the black mesa symbol hidden in th apature science symbol or the black screen when you invert it has a picture of Freeman.

Eamon2789d ago

Valve's natural enemy is the number 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.