Incoming Playstation Vita Special - Part Two

"A few weeks back we began our rundown of 2012’s most interesting upcoming Vita games, including Gravity Rush, Warrior’s Lair and LittleBigPlanet. Now the countdown continues – and it’s safe to say that Sony’s little uber-gizmo has some tricks up its sleeves…"

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r212424d ago

cool list. great to know that more games are coming to ps vita :D

xJumpManx2424d ago

The Vita will get basically the same game was the home console. That is why I bought the Vita I wanted a home console quality games on the go I can not get that with the 3DS.

Sithlord-Gamble2424d ago

I agree.
But u have some people that dont like it bc of that reason and i dont understand why.

Some interesting games here, but the question remains: how many will actually make it to the western market?

colonel1792424d ago

I like the idea of having console quality games on the go, but they should make new games and not ports. It's great to have the chance to play a game on the PS3 and continue on the Vita when you leave home, but they should focus too on new and exclusive experiences on the Vita.

On example of it is Gravity Rush. Although I haven't played the game yet (nor the demo) it looks like a console quality game, and I am actually jealous that it is not a PS3 game (since I prefer consoles than portables). This game alone, is making me consider buying a vita.

So the Vita should get more games like Gravity Rush, because they are experiences that you actually NEED the vita to play it. If I had it, I could buy MvC3 or Uncharted, but those are games that no matter how good they are, they most likely will never be (or play) as good as their console counterpart.

Luc202424d ago

I want this souls game. cant wait. imagine demons souls game on ps vita and online coop.

1nsomniac2424d ago

If a souls game does appear on the Vita then i'll start getting interested but all these games listed look crap & for kids. I want proper games or im not interested!