Resistance: Burning Skies’ Secret Multiplayer Mode Exposed

"Alongside two variations each of Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch (large and small) the upcoming Vita first person shooter Resistance: Burning Skies will also feature a third mode: Survival."

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MGRogue20172788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I was hoping that the "Survival" mode would be something like GoW3's/UC3's/MW3'S horde survival mode. Guess not... =/

Taking on increasingly difficult waves of Chimera while upgrading/purchasing new rifles, upgrades & equipment with strangers & friends over adhoc & online would be pretty sweet.

DrPepper2788d ago Show
TheFirstClassic2788d ago

I was hoping for that too, but this sounds like a pretty cool mode to me. Can't wait for this game, I love Resistance.

telekineticmantis2788d ago

could be fun, especially if everybody has mics, the comments after what seems to be betraying your former treammates would be comedic.

Ima9er4Life2787d ago

All vita owners got built in mics

PersonaCat2788d ago

That sounds pretty awesome. Hopefully the human side will be able to take more damage. Having seven Chimera coming after you doesn't seem very fair lol

dcortz20272788d ago

It should be like how it was in Resistance: Fall Of Man where Humans could sprint more without ooverheating like the Chimera, but the Chimera could see throough walls and had thermal vision but they could overheat and start losing health.

theEx1Le2788d ago

Sounds like Infection from halo/MW3. I like! game modes like that are addictive fun and tense.

r212787d ago

interesting mode. sounds tough as hell too.

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