Starbreeze's CEO is not satisfied, but still happy with Syndicate; never played the game

DSOGaming writes: "Ah, Syndicate. A tittle with so much potential that turned into a generic FPS with ‘nuclear explosion-ish’ lighting effects. In fact, this is the most memorable thing about the FPS adaptation of the legendary strategy game. Ironically, Starbreeze’s CEO has not been satisfied with it too, although he then admitted that he was happy with what his company had managed to achieve."

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NYC_Gamer2371d ago

Many of us old Syndicate fans weren't happy either

zeal0us2371d ago

I think they should of did what the people that XCOM did. Do a remake keeping the original mechanics/gameplay style and have the shooter version push back for later on.

Jio2371d ago

Maybe he should play the game, then he wouldn't be too happy

ginsunuva2371d ago

These are businessmen. They make little kiddy things called games so kids like us buy them and he makes money. He is too business to play games.

Baka-akaB2371d ago

The game was generic and boring , bare the hud system . Even that saving grace quickly becomes a cluster**** with lots of screen pollution at times .

Stop trying to tell people otherwise Starbreeze . It flopped hard at a time there was no competition for it in the genre , or even all genres included .

Or are you going to blame it on Ashura's Wrath ?

slugg2371d ago

the game is underrated. I loved it, and it's my game of the year so far. Still play the co-op mode daily.

pandehz2371d ago

I couldnt wait to finish the game and uninstall

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