6 Games That Were Unfairly Bashed [eGamer]

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Gamers are gamers. They will always find any minuscule reason to whine and bitch about a little annoyance in a game that is so insignificant that it’s hardly noteworthy. In some cases these little annoyances or discrepancies blow up into one giant miasma of idiocy and mass hysteria. Exhibit A: Mass Effect 3 ending. But we will get to that later. These complaints often don’t do the game in question any justice and distracts people from the big picture. Often a game is glorious and thought-provoking and gets overshadowed by negative influences from so-called “die-hard gamers”

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TopDudeMan4172d ago

I completely agree. I cannot see for the life of my why everyone hates on dragon age and mass effect.

SPAM-FRITTER-1234172d ago

LA noire deserved its bashing. i played about 15 hours into it and could not see the game getting any different. it was the same thing all the way and just got boring.

im all for having gameplay as long as poss but when there just going to rerun the same mission every time i was hoping for it to end.

good idea but needed a break from the norm to keep me going.

heard good things about deadly preminition even though it was slated to bits.

not finished ME3 yet so can't judge the ending but great so far.

dragon age 2 i never played but some hardcore dragon age friends were not at all impressed after the first game.

Hellsvacancy4172d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

LA Noire was crap, bought it day 1, liked it to begin with, but it started to bore me really quickly, i didnt even complete it, almost did, i just couldnt stand any more, traded the sucka in, i think i picked Demon's Souls up after, AWESOME move i thought

MaxXAttaxX4171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

About FEZ.
It looks friendly and fun. Dev behind it did not appear in the same way.
In comparison to LBP. Both the game and dev behind it appear friendly and humble. So it feels more genuine.
I guess some people can be sensitive to other human's behavior and feel like it's pretentious and a lie.
I don't know. This shouldn't affect the game itself and one's experience can still be good.

LA Noire.
I can't say anything negative about it. It was good. I personally started losing interest in the story about half way through.
The facial animations were great, but looked a bit odd to me. Had to get used to it.

I think people had a problem with Dragon Age 2's gameplay, not the story as the author is trying to say.

Bulletstorm had the same exact design as Unreal Tournament and Gears but with wackier (repetitive)gameplay and was colorful.
Still, not a bad game though.

Mass Effect 3.
The game was good, but you can't expect people to be happy and not bash the company for excluding a piece of the main story making it day 1 DLC and then disappoint with the ending. Honestly, I don't think the ending is a huge deal, but to people who took the choice and decision making part of the gameplay serious throughout 3 games in the past 5 years, only to have it not matter at the end, will piss you off.
Maybe people were overestimating and expecting too much from Mass Effect and BioWare in the first place.

Deadly Premonition.... I have nothing.

Laxman4172d ago

Some people (not all) just like to hate things. No matter what, they arent content unless they are hating on a company or something that someone has put a lot of work into. People just jump on a bandwagon of hate becuase this generation has somehow made it 'cool' to hate on that which is popular.

As for Dragon Age II, I look at it like this; I can ignore bad graphics and bad gameplay (im not actually DA2 has this, im just using an example) if a game has a good story. However, if a game has a bad story, even awesome graphics and gameplay cant save it for me. Its like watching a movie with a terrible story, but enjoying it just cause the special effects are amazing (okay, some people actually do that haha).

So for me, and a lot of other people who have respect for a good story, characters and lore, loved Dragon Age II despite what we thought of the difference between that and the original. The story has amazing! The game spanned something like 10 years if im not mistaken? The city changed as time progressed, characters built themself around your choices, the political side of the story with those big horned guys (forgot what they were called) and the conflict with the Circle of Magi was brilliant. Hardly any game stories have such detailed levels of thought. And thats why I love BioWare games.

SilentNegotiator4171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

"Some people (not all) just like to hate things"

And some modern gamers would defend Superman 64 as being "not that bad"

SilentNegotiator4171d ago

Dragon Age 2 was weak. It got what it deserved.

Mass Effect 3's developers (BioEA) lied.*

Deadly Premonition has weak gameplay, even if its hilarious, nothing makes up for lengthy weak gameplay.

Bulletstorm was hypocritical with the things they attacked COD for, and wasn't that spectacular.


LA Noire had boring investigation (walk around, wait for rumble), weak gunplay/driving sequences.

*Interview with now gamer, Hudson:
"Whether you're happy or angry at the ending, know this: it is an ending. BioWare will not do a "Lost" and leave fans with more questions than answers after finishing the game"
"I’d say much more so, because we have the ability to build the endings out in a way that we don’t have to worry about eventually tying them back together somewhere. This story arc is coming to an end with this game. That means the endings can be a lot more different"

Sorry, but these games were rightfully given gruff. Deal with it; it's old news.

Outside_ofthe_Box4171d ago

The first dragon age everyone liked. The second one deserved the bashing it got.

Nobody hates Mass Effect. People just hated the ending of Mass Effect 3. The ending deserved to get bashed.

Other than that I agree with the article.

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JellyJelly4172d ago

Playing through Bulletstorm right now and I'm enjoying it immensely. It's an awesome game and I love that the story is lighthearted as well. People seemed to bash it because it wasn't "serious" enough, instead of enjoying it for what it is.

stevenhiggster4172d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

I personally didn't like it not because it wasn't serious enough or anything, I love a bit of stupid in my games, just that I didn't like the gameplay. I also felt that it was trying too hard to be funny and most of the time it wasn't, it was just immature penis jokes.

LA Noire, I just didn't get the good revies that game got? I played about 2 hours and turned it off. The much lauded facial nonsense looked terrible! The faces looked bizarrely stuck onto bodies they clearly didn't belong to and the story was the most clichéd uninteresting guff I've ever heard.

All opinions are my own.

wiggles4172d ago

I agree with Dead Premonition 100%. It is really fun if you look at it in a "evil dead" sort of way. It's fitting that the controls and graphics are bad because of how crazy everyone is in the game.

I also agree with LA Noire. It tried something new, and maybe that wasn't everyone's thing. It's a bit disappointing that the cases don't flow with each other, but still a good game.

Minato-Namikaze4172d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

GT5 and white knight chronicles 1 and 2

-Gespenst-4172d ago

I loved L.A. Noire, and I'm absolutely desperate to play Deadly Premonition. I wish they'd bring it out on the PS3.

Dark_Overlord4171d ago

I picked it up brand new off Ebay not so long back (A bloke in china) its called Red Seeds Profile though. All the text is Japanese unfortunately, but all the voice acting is in english (Its not too hard to know what to do :) )

devilhunterx4171d ago

Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut was announced for release on PlayStation 3 in the West in March, 2012

-Gespenst-4171d ago

I knew about the whole Red Seeds Profile thing, but I'd rather a fully english experience.

@devilhunterx: EXCELLENT! Now that I didn't know! Thanks!

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