Dragon's Crown Atlus Teaser Site Opens

Atlus has opened it's Dragon's Crown Teaser Site for both US and Japan.

However compared to the Japanese Teaser site, the US site seems to be censored, removing full body portraits of Sorceress and Amazon.

Article link links to the US Teaser Site for Dragon's Crown.
The Japanese Teaser Site can be found at:

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ritsuka6662371d ago

Really weird desing this woman 0_o

deno2371d ago

Game must be purchased.

smashcrashbash2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

She is the most muscular woman I have ever seen in gaming. It's kinda scary. She looks like she could crush you like a grape.

@ Getowned. That is weird.X0!

BTW I hate grape juice.

Getowned2371d ago

weirdest thing, I just opend a bottle of grape juice as I read "crush you like a grape" XD!

stevenhiggster2371d ago

Wouldn't take a broken pay cheque home to her that's for sure!

ShoryukenII2371d ago

I was just about to say that.

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