Sniper Elite V2: Will be cut in Germany

Sniper Elite V2 will be cut in Germany. Without the possibility to kill Hitler...

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Sniperwithacause2375d ago

Oh come. Everyone needs to kill germans. Jk

SPAM-FRITTER-1232374d ago

i am suprised they are having it at all. would this game be allowed in america if you played as a taliban sniper in helmand.

madjedi2374d ago

Regardless of how people in other countries view america's leaders as bad ect. They are no where even remotely near hitler or stalin, both of whom butchered millions during their reigns.

Any competent security detail for politicians/leaders of state would be running counter/anti sniper measures.

Well tell you what, when the consumer base is full of people that want to kill us authorities(digital at least) then it might sell.

To hell with being allowed, would it even get funding is the better question probably not, no market that wants it. At least in the west.

_LarZen_2375d ago

It's beyond me how a modern country like Germany still censor media from the public.

KeiserSosay47882374d ago

You mean like the US, China, or North Korea? Everybody does this sort of thing in some fashion. I'm not saying that I agree with this, but unfortunately it's how our "modern" world works. Shield their young eyes!!!

RioKing2374d ago

What does the US censor?...just wondering curiously

fossilfern2374d ago

As bad as the Nazi regime was no matter how hard Germany tries they cannot stop people in Germany finding out about it! It was years ago and this game is fiction so there is no need for such censoring

r212374d ago

oh we can still Hitler but we have to buy DLC :L