CES 2008: Video: MGS4 rooftop shootout on PS3

Sony Corp. this week is showcased a rooftop shootout session in Konami Corp.'s Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for the Playstation 3.

In the new video, Old Snake shoots at soldiers from a broken rooftop in warzone area. He is later ambushed by soldiers and forced to retreat in outdoor and indoor locations.

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lynx1halo3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Old Snake.....I wish my great grandpa could kick as$ like you

marinelife93934d ago

The game looks amazing even on a youtube video.

Sexius Maximus3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Old people need to kick more ass. Maybe a walking cane should be a hidden weapon. Anyway...I have to say that I'm not fan, they went with a Gears of War look, meaning that the color pallet is very dull, which is an easy way to make it look graphically awesome, but fails. Don't get me wrong, it looks FINE, but not great. I'd love this game to have Eternal Sonata or Mario type colors. Im NOT bashing, its just an opinion.

radzy3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

A) a.i is a joke , the guy just looked at him and waited for him to shoot.There are also more videos on ign that prove a.i. is a joke.

B)snake got shot about 100 times and didnt die(checkout the ign vids)

c)stealth has gone out the window. no more stealth means just a normal shooter(and a pretty bad one at that).SPLINTER CELL : CONVICTION and the new HITMAN are real stealth.

d)the camera is a frustrating joke yet again, and you have to pause to change weapons. I swear no proper game has come out of japan this generation so far

e)SPLINTER CELL : CONVICTION is exclusive to xbox 360(good for 360 owners, we get the real stealth and interaction)

Azures3934d ago

Wow you only have 2 bubbles, I wonder how that happened.

Jandre023934d ago

-The Rock style.

radzy3934d ago Show
solsub3934d ago

Then go wait for your Splinter Cell and shut the f*ck up.

TruthBTold3934d ago

Its obvious his opinion doesn't bring much to any discussions so he looses bubbles. He talks about fanboys but by talking bad about PS3 owners he looks worse than those he refers to. Hes the type that gives Xbox owners a bad name just like those PS3 owners who talk trash about the Xbox. MGS4 will be a great game considering who is behind its production. Cant say it will be the best game ever because that is just unrealistic, no game can ever be the greatest but they can be umong the best games. But it will do good. Im for sure buying it.

InYourMom3934d ago

with your comments on MGS, I just haven't seen enough of the new Splinter Cell to really form an opinion about if it's better or not. The AI in MGS does appear dumb, the cover system(if you can call it that) looks awkward. Only a couple enemies on screen at once, even less than say something like Gears of War.

I am going to rent it and see for myself.

Regret3934d ago

For me there are 2 things in MGS that are over any other game in that segment. Bosses and story, everything else is just to be there. Epic.

darkgod1013934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Good why dont you masturbate to Sam Fisher then. And after you finished masturbate to Bill Gates.

And InYourMom, did you ever think that maybe the AI is just set on easy> or is it that your brain couldn't comprehend that?

Greysturm3934d ago

First of all the bubbles system helps to discern thought posts from mindless rabble trolling (like you) so even f you dont care most people do since by loooking at your bubble count you can pretty much discern what you are about to say.

Second its a shame that you not having played the game already feel so negatve about it when all the people that have played it have felt it quite enyojable but then again wh should we believe a biased troll or most gaming news?

Third the thing that differiantes metal gear from Sc and hitman is its opcional aproach to stealth and gunplay letting you decide which is the best course of action. I know you like to be forced to do stuff but hell some of us like our options.

Glad to know you dont like japan maybee you should rethink your comment since mario galxaxy is the best scored game of this gen so far and guess what japanese people made it along with the so far winning hardware known as the wii.

Finally nice to know you have a hard on for splinter cell conviction which is taking a good new aproach (not yet confirmed as to its quality it could still suck) since the series had stagnated since pandora tomorrow and when they tried to vary it up a bit they came with an inferior product that sucked on all but one console and in that one it didnt even reach the 90+ reviews the series had. Then metal gear expands the gameplay area and options each game and has consistedly scored over your precious splinter cell.

P.S. All games AI suck on easy which is the default mode for hands on and presentations you could check it out on any of your sc or hitman games.

jwatt3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Exactly Regret! The Boss battles in mgs3 were the best I ever had, plus splinter cell's story is no where close to mgs storlines.

Also in MGS games you could go most of the game just sneaking around but if you suck like the guy in the video than that's what happens.

Regret3934d ago

There is bonus for those who finish the game without alarms. Espionage stimulator.

GITPWNED3934d ago

FINALLY someone who knows what he's talking about! You are right on the money, 100%. Although MGS is a great series which I own, I also own every SC game, unlike these PS3rd droids, and can tell you that it is truly better than MGS in many ways. Too bad all these braindead droids can only disagree with you, not having ever SC game before. n00bs.

mighty_douche3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

SC has good AI then does it? stand in a slightly shaded corner and your invisable! even with 3 glowing green lights on your head?

You guys obviously dont know much about MGS, ever heard of european extreme?

Account deleted3934d ago

what's wrong with the new xbots entering this site? they are getting quirkier and more awkward by passing time,, what's with this shiittt, using girls as avatars and sometimes nude ones?? hmm ok i'll let this one slip, what's with the obscene names?? up ahead you'll see what i am talking about... ok i'll let this one slip too... what's with the incredible ken aahh more like total ignorance they're armed with??
the quality of xbots is deteriorating, i demand that guys like "z bot"(you know him well, he has two impersonators until now) speak.. at least then, i enjoyed reading their comments even if they are wrong at least they uttered their thoughts in well structured sentences using some good vocab... even when they were attacking ps supporters, they weren't offensive(ok most of the time)... damn poeple we need some good xbox news so these guys can come back and comment again... how about posting "the xbox live is up and running", just kidding.. but i mean more kids are infesting this site, there should be here some more restrictions, like you must be over 13 to sign up.. the quality of the xbots would be a whole lot better...

PirateThom3934d ago

Splinter Cell... more like "no one gives a sh1t", amirite?

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AliC3934d ago

The only thing this video showed me is that who ever was playing the game well can't

Eamon3934d ago

Although, if I am playing Metal Gear Solid 4, I'd go for the more stealth ESP action. I dont want MGS4 turning into a shooter game.

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