Hacked PlayStation Vita Runs Doom on Emulator

GR: "The PS Vita can be hacked to run homebrew software and games on an emulator."

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hkgamer2786d ago

i thought running psp homebrew on a vita was old news? i mean if it was running a vita homebrew than that would be really interesting... and sony will be shitting their pants

bubwright2786d ago

coudnt agree more. i was hoping this had something to do with the ps suite that just come out :(

xAlmostPro2786d ago

Why are people still hacking to do this now that the ps suite sdk is out?..

I though it's just homebrew they wanted? -_-

hkgamer2786d ago

I haven't got a clue, maybe hackers just want total freedom and create homebrew for free.

No matter what Sony does to try and promote developers to create great things for their systems, hackers always finds way to spoil it.

PS2 linux was apparently pretty popular which led to Sony making Linux fully compatible with the PS3, but hackers just love to fuck around with Sony and spoil it for everyone.

xAlmostPro2785d ago

The new playstation SDK that allows your own games/apps is FREE.

They've released the tools, it's that simple.

I agree with the last sentence :)

MasterCornholio2786d ago

This is old because shortly after the Vita came out in Japan there was a video from Wololo where he played Doom on it.


360GamerFG2786d ago

Oh the irony, you know, cos the Vita is DOOMed. . .

MastaMold2786d ago

what a troll

Sent from my doomed PS Vita

360GamerFG2786d ago

At least you're acknowledging that it is doomed.

AusRogo2786d ago

Oh dude shut up seriously. Im sure everyone is sick of seeing your negative comments towards Sony on every Sony related article. Piss off.

extermin8or2786d ago

lol tbh I don't think sony are too fussed about homebrew as the article implies just pirated games... which they for obvious reasons if you look at the PSP feel will come from homebrew hacks :/

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The story is too old to be commented.