Crysis 3 - Available for Pre-order at Amazon

Crysis 3 is now available for pre-order at Amazon.

Amazon has begun advertising and taking pre-orders of Crysis 3 for PS3, XBOX 360 and PC.

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adorie2786d ago

Need to see a full blown trailer before I decide to pre-order. Crytek and Hype have let me down once already.

BlackKnight2786d ago

This makes me so sad and disappointed. Crysis 1 was amazing and then it gets cut down to all hell once Crysis 2 was made with consoles in mind (nothing against consoles, just wish they had kept the levels large and complex AI and have console graphics lower so as not to nerf PC so badly).

And now the game is turning into COD/rehash mode. It is still in New York, have NO clue what gameplay is like and size of levels and abilities and so on and you can now preorder.

So tired of EA, Activision, Ubisoft, etc starting this trend of high priced content, rehashing it over and over, and most of all, the gamer base for bending over and paying money for basically expansion packs...

adorie2786d ago

Yeah, I think I can understand you really well, with where you are coming from. Pre-ordering this before knowing anything about it just makes you a dumb-ass.

If I offend anyone, I'm not even sorry. People that buy without understanding what they are buying are the ones contributing to worse games, because the PUBLISHERS feel they can get away with underhanded sales tactics since people like to ride the blindfolded hype train.