Project X Zone - Nintendo Direct Trailer

Here's the trailer for Project X Zone that was shown during Nintendo Direct.

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jacksonmichael2787d ago

I'll probably buy this. Whatever it is.

2EHO2786d ago

Sad thing is this has no chance of coming stateside

Crap_Turtle2786d ago

actually its chances are about the same as anything else

kagon012786d ago

Agreed, just like Namco x Capcom...(Licensing BS)

coolman2292786d ago

Someone call Operation Rainfall!

tiffac0082786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

If they localize this game, I will buy a 3DS in a heart beat.

Sakura Taisen, dotHack, Xenosaga, Valkyria Chronicle, Super Robot Taisen, Rockman, Darkstalkers, Tales of characters... *Q*

LX-General-Kaos2786d ago

Another beautiful, and innovative Nintendo 3DS entertainment system exclusive title. Day one purchase if the people of the west are honored to receive such a quality crossover experience. I will personally be more than happy to sprinkle money over the heads of these 3 studios for a job well done. Giving me even further justification for my Nintendo 3DS entertainment system purchase.

Rated E For Everyone

mr_badhand2786d ago

The 3DS is definitely my handheld of choice. This game screams bad a**.

Lets hope it comes to the west.

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