Reports: Playstation 3D Displays Are Experiencing Black Screen And Blinking Lights

While retailers have been having stellar deals for the Playstation 3D Displays, buyers have been reporting issues with the displays.

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MissAubrey2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

i was kinda excited about this on the earlier news about the price drop but ofcourse I read the negative reviews on cant say I'll be getting this. I really wanted to see my ps3 in 3d for only 299


When the PS3 launched everyone seemed to hate it. I defended it to no end. Why? Well because it needed credit where credit was due.

I cannot, however, stand by and agree with everyone who blindly supports a product just because it has the same name.

I'm going to get disagrees over this and that's fine. I'm willing to take the hits in exchange to save you the possibility of wasting 300-600 dollars on an 3DTV with a 4 month life span. Just do me a favor and go out and buy one and see for yourself. See how you feel losing that kind of money on a product there is no support for.

Just read the forums. Don't let this happen to fellow gamers because with that kind of money you could buy another console. Just do me a favor and research this 3DTV before misleading everyone through disagrees. Thanks.


Happened to me today. After a few hours it returned to normal. Someone needs to provide phone numbers to get this issue resolved. I read in the manual that these TVs aren’t owned by Sony. Don’t know how that’s possible but that is what the manual claims.

Anyway the forums all over the net provide dead ends and NO answers. We need to find out who actually is hiding behind Sony’s brand name or get a lawsuit started. There is no way these guys can get away with selling a 300-600 TV with a 4 month life span and think they can just walk away.

For anyone who needs to know, the warning signs are clear. Occasional blackouts while gaming is an instant red flag for your TV. According to the forums it only gets worse. Very, very high failure rates with many customers reporting no help (or lies about helping) from Sony. Also there have been reports of “dead pixels” on these TVs out of the box. My suggestion is to stop buying these sets. It’s not worth the risk.

Hicken2423d ago

Interesting that this isn't even hinted at around here until all the articles about sales pop up.

Not saying it's not true. Just saying it's rather convenient timing.


No need to mention the comments I made above. However, just consider why they may have dropped the price so much. The price drop probably started this article because of it's known issues. I do understand the media bashing on Sony every turn this generation. Yet there is valid concern over these 3D displays. Mine actually failed about 3 hours ago. The good news is it turned back on...for now.

tweet752423d ago

you get what you pay for

tweet752423d ago

sony needs to fix this it will affect future console sales. People will start to think sony is like microsoft red ring of death

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