New Fallout 3 Developer Diary and Concept Art

OXM writes, "Bethesda has updated its Fallout 3 site with a developer diary from its lead designer."

"Although lead designer, Emil Pagliarulo, doesn't talk about actual development such as stories of office pranks, multiplayer Two Worlds at lunchtime or late nights of work fuelled by crisps and Red Bull, he does talk a lot about the storyline."

"He explains about the Brotherhood Of Steel, who they are and how they're relevant to the Fallout 3 universe. Check out the developer diary for the full breakdown and nice, juicy bits of concept art."

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MK_Red3938d ago

Dammit, I'm late.
Wanted to submit this ;). Anyway, great find and nice art. Brotherhood of Steel rules but sadly it looks like they've change their metal armor and also, there's no sign of BoS' logo :(

Jinxstar3938d ago

Hehehe I just clicked here cause I knew I'd see you posting here MK. :-) Good times. Game on man.

Relcom3938d ago

Is there anything better than the power suit? Nope

aiphanes3938d ago

Just reading the history of makes me want to get this game on day one...

MK_Red3938d ago

True. Awesome. Day one purchase. :)