IGN - EA Pulls Negative Gears of War Comments

IGN - Dead Space story producer's criticisms removed from EA blog.

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Abash2425d ago

*Cliffy B goes to N4G with a ":D" face on*

*reads headline on front page and face changes to ">:O"


*Refreshes EA blog site for 5 hours straight waiting change*

*Cliffy B sees its removed and has a ":D" on again, but sweaty*

And thats what happened

Dlacy13g2425d ago

OR....EA feels they have been getting far to much negative press with their devs lately....and it was a dueschy move on the deadspace devs part maybe just maybe its the right move for EA.

MAJ0R2425d ago

That's the more likely scenario, because in reality Dead Space is no masterpiece with excellent writing, far from it actually.

sllshrm2424d ago

Have you guys even read what he said? He did say it their writing wasnt good at all because they couldnt figure things out properly or something like that

Plus he also said gears 3 has very nice gameplay....dont know why people only pick up negative comments from someone.

Man devs arent even allowed to be honest anymore....what a shame.

MerkinMax2425d ago

I don't care what entertainment medium you are a part of, but showing respect for the competition is always the best course of action. That comment was completely unnecessary. I always hate devs that downplay others. Honestly, what do they gain by it?

-Mezzo-2425d ago

Freedom of Speech. pfft

Anon19742425d ago

If it's his personal blog on his own site, that's one thing. If it's an EA blog on an EA site and he's the author, EA has every right to pull it down.

joab7772425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

I agree and he was quite clear that story isn't for everyone. I loved gears but not so much for the writing. They created their immersion and story in different ways. And man, I'm pretty sure that the best review for gow3 said the story was marginally better. It isn't a secret that this is not mass effect or the witcher 2.

360GamerFG2425d ago

Uncharted is an interactive movie. Its got nothing to do with the topic, just expressing my freedom of speech

Outside_ofthe_Box2424d ago

So you are trolling, just expressing my freedom of speech.

AusRogo2425d ago

Who cares. Let the man say what he wants. I love gears, that and halo are the only reason I have a 360, but come on now, the story wasnt really that great. I love Dead Space's story. Even if it isnt original or whatever.

MerkinMax2425d ago

But what does the man gain by saying that Gears literally has the worst story in gaming?

2425d ago
smashcrashbash2425d ago

There was a time where you could say negative things about something without fear of retaliation and having to backslide about it. Many people think the Gears story is not very good and say it all the time. In fact Yahtzee says it all the time even though he admits the game itself is good So what? No one would blink an eye of he said Duke Nukeum forever is the worst game ever. Why does everyone get into a fit whenever people say Gears story is nothing to write home about? I have never met any Gears fans that said they brought Gears for the story

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