Why game retailers aren't headed for disaster

The Verge: "Game retailers have spent recent years on shaky ground. With the rise of digital distribution and publishers undercutting the used game market, is that ground about to crumble?"

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dark-hollow2374d ago

i hope not. besides GAME, ordering from amazon is the only way to get the latest games in my town.

MacUser19862374d ago

I hope to see the day where a big red and yellow sign sit above GameStop that says "Going out of Business."

VTKC2374d ago

hole on. Dont blame any of this on the "digital distribution", Its GAMES overly priced, fake offers and corporate Bullshit salesmanship that has made it what it is today.
People just want to go into a shop and look or buy what they want and leave. NOT having to listen to you giving endless verbal diohorea about offers and fake ass deals just to try and get the customer to pull out more cash that they were intended to spend.

bauer0072374d ago

I think they are failing to see that GAME still is in trouble even with a bail out, no doubt in 12 months we will be in the same situation! Once Digital distribution becomes bigger, bye bye retailers, no more than 3 years away