Gabe Newell: I Don't Think Origin Is Doing Anything Super-Well

Gaming Blend "Uh oh, I hope you keep those flameproof shields, suits and jockstraps nearby, EA fanboys are about to fume. In a podcast interview Valve's head honcho, Gabe Newell, the man that helped make Steam the most popular online digital distribution service, responds to a question about using EA's Origin platform and he doesn't have kind words."

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ATi_Elite2784d ago

I agree totally with Gabe......which is why I play BF3 without Origin!

Origin = Malware, Trojen, and Herpes!

JohnnyMann4202784d ago

I agree because steam is just better but origin isn't herpes or a Trojan just a completing store service... Jeez

Solid_Snake372784d ago

how do you play it without origin?

ThanatosDMC2784d ago

HAX! BF3 for the PC was fun till hackers show up and take all the kills. I'm in a tank but I get shot in the head with a pistol from across the map and see the guy spinning really fast killing everybody.

AllroundGamer2784d ago

BF3 for the PC was fun till the latest known as "biggest fail patch of the gaming ever"... but yeah the instant kill hackers weren't still taken care of, DICE is failing so hard nowadays, so many angry BF veterans are on the battlelog when you read the comments.

ATi_Elite2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

ALL online games have Hackers. It's a part of life; Death, Taxes, and Hackers!

So to avoid this random inconvenience may I suggest you look into playing on "private Server"!

BF3 got console-itus and with so many servers proper PC Anti-Cheat support has been slacking.....meaning no Admins and a failed anti-cheat system or whatever crap Origins uses!

So you may wanna check out some private servers. Some you gotta pay some you don't but I pay and my online gaming experience is flawless plus we have many customizations that the game doesn't have like 128 player maps and Ca$h prizes!!

ThanatosDMC2779d ago

The reporting thing doesnt work either. People report hackers but nothing is actually done. 200+ kills and 0 deaths on their matches and nothing. What was the point of installing punkbuster or going to ranked games...

Private servers would be great if they werent always full of members. I wish they had more private servers that supported 64 players and are heavily monitored by member admins.

Getting killed by hackers got old fast. Doesnt help that im a stat whore for kill ribbons and what not.

shackdaddy2784d ago

Are there really "EA fanboys" out there?

GamingPerson2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

actually yes! I have seen them! They lurk in the caves of the under world and sacrifice kittens at the feet of the gods near Mt. Horris.

Just finished watching "Immortal" sorry.

vortis2784d ago

"Immortals"? Sorry, son, that's going on right now at the Origin and BioWare forums.

Don't go in there unless you got Sam and Dean at your back.

Dusdg2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Vortis that was an awesome supernatural reference! I would like it more then once if I could.

hano2784d ago

I am the closest thing you can find to an EA fan.

I like them because sometimes they actually do ship some good games and sometimes take some risks like Mirror's Edge. Not to mention, they also didn't stand in the way of Wasteland 2 even though they had the copyrights.
I also like BattleForge.

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NYC_Gamer2784d ago

I agree,the service is just playing catch up/EA trying to piggy back off other digital services success....still have not used origin even though EA took their games off Steam...

Dark112784d ago

let us see how much steam can survive without EA games .

Motorola2784d ago

You would be surprised.

catfrog2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

lets see ho long origin can survive without customers

Rageanitus2784d ago

I only have EA games on origin... nothing else. They have to make it seem different so I can jump ship but I have not seen that.

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