The Grind: An MMORPG Tragedy About A Girl

"This is a story about a girl.

No, not in the way you’re thinking. Not really, anyway. I’m not talking about the girl next door or the redhead behind the counter at the coffee shop. The girl this story is about is a videogame character. Not just any character – my character. My alt, in an MMO.

She was a thing of beauty, this alt of mine. Lithe and sinewy, bright eyes and a hard line of a mouth. She wasn’t born, she was built – built feverishly, though not casually. She was fresh and exciting, bursting with possibilities and power, the feeling you only get from beginning a brand new roll. She was a break from the worn monogamy of my main character, a strapping lad of a totally different class and alignment on a whole other server. Sometimes I wondered if our nights out were viewed as a slight, some kind of digital infidelity."

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