A lot of videogames really are dumb, but not all of them have to be

"Taylor Clark doesn’t think there are many intelligent videogames. Or, as he put it in his recent profile of Jonathan Blow,

“Video games, with very few exceptions, are dumb.”

Here we go again. Another “respected” media outlet taking shots at a medium it doesn’t understand, and probably never even tried to.

This was not taken well by some readers. Many gamers especially, felt as if their hobby, passion, and in some instances livelihood, was being derided by some “mainstream” rag that didn’t know the first thing about videogames.

Those feelings are understandable, to be expected even, but nevertheless completely toxic. If you, dear reader, have similar ones, please unload them now. At least for the time being. Upon further, deeper reflection you may take them back up again, at which time and with any luck they will be more measured and less motivated by primal territorial instincts."

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