Brink Sold 2.5 Million Copies

Global sales for developer Splash Damage's online-focused shooter Brink has reportedly sold over 2 million copies to date.

The sales figure comes from a recent Gamasutra interview with CEO Paul Wedgwood who said the game was successful for the company.

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Outside_ofthe_Box3289d ago

Boy was this a game a disappointment for me. This was one of those games that looked soooo damn good on paper, but ultimately failed to live up to expectations.

Glad to see a new IP like this sell well despite it's short comings.

OC_MurphysLaw3289d ago

I think it was also a case of the developer selling us a promise that didn't quite live up to expectation. I think it ultimately failed on the single player being nothing more than bot matches from the MP.

Truly disappointing.

MrBeatdown3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Definitely. It didn't come anywhere close to what I was expecting, but I did have fun with it. I really enjoyed the movement system. I thought the character design and back story was good too. I wouldn't mind a sequel with a dedicated single-player campaign and greater focus on the story.

I think it's biggest problem was the lack of players. I'm surprised it sold so many copies because I think I encountered maybe ten other players in the time it took me to get the platinum trophy.

ginsunuva3289d ago

I saw it coming. I looked at a couple gameplay sessions and I instantly knew it was gonna be decent, but fail to live up to what the blind gamers in the comments were raving about.

Same thing happened with Rage. I was saying it looked decent but everyone was like "It's teh idz! They invents the fps!"

lelo2play3288d ago

Unbelievable that a piece of s**t game like this sells more then 2.5 Million copies.

MysticStrummer3289d ago

This is another entry in the "Sales Do Not Equal Quality" file. I had such high hopes for this game. Brink and Dead Island were my two biggest letdowns this gen.

ABizzel13289d ago

Well it was selling for $10 new at many locations. If anything it goes to show that price is the greatest factor in determining if a game sales or not.

DA_SHREDDER3289d ago

Price is everything. Nintendo knows this and that's why they always pwn newbs.

ABizzel13289d ago

Well it was selling for $10 new at many locations. If anything it goes to show that price is the greatest factor in determining if a game sales or not. And I guess graphics as well.

TheoreticalParticle3289d ago

It's also another entry in the "EPIC VGChartz Fails" scrapbook.

Publisher reports: 2.5 million sales, VGBSChartz: 1.59.

Only off by a million, but I guess they're the best we got, so we should continue relying on a source that's off every single time a publisher releases sales.

Voxelman3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

they don't count digital and that is likely shipped not sold to consumers. Still VGC has never been all that accurate.

turgore3289d ago

Sad...any chance they will make a good sequel ?

honkyjesus3289d ago

Bought it, liked it.

Funny how major franchises with broken online day one never catch heat for it.

brettyd3289d ago

Yea but this game Is still broken...

brettyd3288d ago

Last time i played about a month ago, the PS3 version was a mess. Texture pop in, lag...

ritsuka6663289d ago

Sad this.. this only show gamers in this gen have shit taste...

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The story is too old to be commented.