PS3 "does not need a price drop" says EEDAR

PS3 continues to be outsold by Xbox 360 on a monthly basis in the US according to NPD, and just today we spotted a price cut on the 160GB PS3 at GameStop (just $199). Some analysts believe Sony needs to drop price to remain competitive, but EEDAR's Jesse Divnich does not fall in that camp.

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Dante1122374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

True, it's almost like he has something going on where he doesn't want Sony to cut the price. I mean, it wouldn't hurt them since it would still makes a profit for Sony (Ps3 has been profitable since 2010), but then again, the Ps3 has come up somewhat in the US this year (180k last year differences are now down to 34k differences in units sold between the 360 and Ps3 in the US). They could hold out if the 360 doesn't drop the price, they've been pretty close to the 360 as far as sales go in the US and WW the ps3 has been ahead if Vgchartz is be believed.

"Ultimately, it is likely that Sony and/or Microsoft will want to reduce the price of their hardware at some point this year to better compete with the Wii U launch by year's end. With the Wii U getting a full one-year jump on PS4 and Xbox Next, Microsoft and Sony will probably try to put pressure on Nintendo so as not to cede too much ground."

This is what I see happening though.

Edit: Forgot my links for my future disagrees.


GraveLord2374d ago

Ps3 is outselling the 360 in every single country except US and UK. It's not price that is a problem in these regions, its brand awareness. Better marketing is really all that is needed.

cynosure2374d ago

The only markets where figures are released are Japan and NA so you don't know the sales of other regions.

retro2373d ago

Might be true, but what does it matter if in Europe Sony leads 3% when in the USA Microsoft leads 50%?

Captain Tuttle2373d ago

HaHa! Brand awareness? Sony Playstation is one of the most recognizable brands in modern history.

2373d ago
Outside_ofthe_Box2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

***"Besides, the U.S. is by far the largest gaming region in the world. The U.K. is the largest in Europe. That's like saying the Celtics are the best team in the NBA as long as you don't count the Bulls or Heat."***

Terrible analogy. You're comparing 'best' to sales?

As for why the PS3 isn't leading in sales in the US and UK is up in the air. I guess cutting the price and more advertising is the only thing Sony can do to try and get a bit more sales.

But it isn't absolutely necessary for Sony to outsell the 360 in the US and UK anyway. I don't understand why people consider a company "failing" or selling "poorly" if they aren't outselling it's competitors especially when it's just in a particular region.

Yes the US and the UK are the biggest markets in their respective continents, but just because a company isn't leading in those regions doesn't mean they are doing "bad" in those areas. Just like, just because the 360 isn't out selling the PS3 worldwide doesn't it is selling "poorly" worldwide especially when the difference is only a couple hundred thousands.

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hiredhelp2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Free online play,Home,self upgradable hdd,blue tooth technology,and with good old blue-ray i think worth easy the extra money. Specially with exclusives Doesnt need price cut yet.

-MD-2374d ago

"Blue tooth technology"

Thanks for the laugh.

hiredhelp2374d ago

Jokes on you if you think differntly.

LaChance2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Dont forget the incredible CELL technology !! /s

Why are Sony fanboys the only ones who advertise their console on the web ? 360 and Wii fanboys let MS or Nintys PR team do that.

edit: WTF the guy just mentioned Home ?? o_O lmao.

hiredhelp2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Maybe because the playstation 3 is worth telling people what sony offers there consumers that certain company may wish to make a profit on? Thats money saved every year.
As for you quick to judge me being a "fanboy" sorry to disapoint you im no fanboy i am a gamer.

Btw. Glad you like the cell processor :)

TBM2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

people can discount the year plus head start if they want, but what they can't is that the 360 has always been cheaper. so in that regard i personally feel that the 360 is both a success and a failure. success in that M$ did much better with this system than the original, and failure that with its cheaper price its only sitting in the 60 million range when it should have been much higher.

hear me out on this the 360 is ALMOST 7 years old and in that time while being much cheaper than the PS3 it has only amassed 67 million units sold (from what i'm hearing here by some there seems to be overshipping on M$ part), conversely the PS3 is a little over 5 years old and has amassed between 62(as of Dec 11)- 64 (when Sony releases their numbers) million units at a higher price point.

with all the marketing the 360 has had, AND BEING HELLA CHEAPER than the PS3 shouldn't the 360 have been in the 70 million plus range by now?

i had this decision with a friend of mine, and he completely agreed with me and we both have each system, enjoyed games on both.

FlameBaitGod2373d ago

Arguing with LaChance or MD is pointless man, I troll you know but this guys are just plain blind.

2373d ago
raymantalk12373d ago

"Your contention that the PS3 is much cheaper than 360 is also wrong. It's been proven that, during the past year, 360 actually sold at a higher average price than PS3. Right now, the PS3 is $249 MSRP, and the 360 is $199 or $299 - exactly the same average"

first off he never said the ps3 was cheaper than the 360 he said it the other way round.

secondly the 360 was only dearer in America due to kinect bundles if you was to purchase just a 360 it was allot cheaper than a ps3 and has always been as MS has to do this to compete plus wallmart giving $100 cash back vouchers for the 360 helps a hell of allot for sales doesn't it, where as sony have not done deals like this to the best of my knowledge also most people buy 360 4gb models which are also the cheapest model no (HD) and as for the ps3 reaching 80 million i think your maths are fuzzy as is your english.

incidentally the wii has outsold the 360/ps3 quite easily but sales for that are now in decline so do we all panic and think nintendo are going down the drown.

and MS were worth 500 billion dollars in 2000 but now they are only worth 260 billion dollars does this mean that they are in trouble ? off course not so same goes for sony but your narrow point of view wont allow you to see this im making this point now even though it is off topic slightly as i am trying to educate you.

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Skate-AK2374d ago

He might have said jokes on you cause it's Blu-Ray not blue ray.

cynosure2374d ago

The average consumer doesn't even know or care about all that crap.
I forgot about home myself and you even mention blutooth.

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Kur02374d ago

Always talk about NPD and ignore WW sales.

Noticeably_FAT2374d ago

Yes, lets talk about 2011's WW totals...oh wait...The Xbox 360 won that.

In all seriousness it looks like the PS3 did get another price cut this year. The 160 gig PS3 is now only $199 at Amazon and Gamestop. I'm sure more are to follow.

I think Microsoft didn't have to answer the first price cut from Sony, but they'll have to answer this one. I say lower the 250 gig Xbox 360 to $249 and lower the 4 gig to $129.

A little surprised Sony was so willing to cut the price after a price cut last year didn't really help them much.

DebateMaster2374d ago

2011? Why talk about last year when you can talk about this year? Oh wait the ps3 is currently winning. Never mind the fact that the 360 over shipped last year and it caused sales and revenue to drop this year.

MysticStrummer2374d ago

Funny how WW sales don't mean anything until 360 wins one year in a row. Oh N4G, you are the gift that keeps on giving.

Hicken2374d ago

Yeah, let's talk about 2010 WW totals... oh, wait.. the PS3 won that.

Okay, let's talk about 2009 WW totals... oh, wait, the PS3 won that, too.

Haven't seen you in a few weeks, FAT, and you come back with shoddy logic like this? You must have been catatonic after last year's results, huh?

The PS3 is in a good position right now; if there's to be a price drop, it should be right before the Wii U drops.

mr_badhand2374d ago

Funny isn't it? All through 2011 I read nothing but "Sony beats 360 World Wide" but then it turned out it didn't which means everyone who was yelling that had no clue what they were talking about and promptly shut down.

And how come the same properties for a world wide win don't apply to the ps3 but applies to the 3ds? When the 3ds wins everyone claims its because of the price cut. But isn't that what the ps3 did? How many price cuts for the ps3? No one speaks about tho.

MrBeatdown2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )


You a fan of math? I am. For example, look at the article posted below by SuperLupe...

"Sony’s earnings report, issued yesterday, puts the PlayStation 3 at 6.5 million units sold worldwide for the holiday quarter, topping the 5.6 million units registered by Nintendo’s Wii for the same period — but falling short of the 8.2 million Xbox 360 sales reported by Microsoft."

So, Xbox beat the PS3 by 1.7 million units for the fourth quarter of 2011. Now let's let's look at yearly sales...

"Here’s the bigger news: The Xbox 360′s strong holiday quarter also put the Microsoft console ahead in worldwide sales globally for the full year of 2011, with 14.9 million units sold, compared with 14.1 million for the PS3 and 10.33 million for the Wii."

Xbox sold 14.9 million. PS3 sold 14.1 million. Xbox beat PS3 by 800,000 units.

Know what that means? It means that on average, for the first three quarters of 2011, PS3 was indeed the best selling console, beating the 360 for the vast majority of the year. So "everyone who was yelling that had no clue what they were talking about" throughout 2011 actually knew exactly what they were talking about.

"Funny isn't it?"

Sorry. Blame math.

mr_badhand2373d ago


But at the end of the year what happened?
Do the math, 360 pulled out ahead and won and I can bet you all those folks where ready to pop champaign bottles to celebrate another WW victory without checking the facts.

So yes math does help cause in the end the answer was still the same ... 360 beat ps3 for 2011.

Can argue those math facts? Funny right?

MrBeatdown2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )


Funny stuff, man. You ignoring the point or is this too difficult for you to understand?

It doesn't matter what happened in the end because anyone commenting on sales during the year was referring to existing data, not data from the future.

You're saying they didn't know what they were talking about throughout 2011. They did. PS3 was ahead on average for nine months of the year. It's a fact. For 75% of the year, when they said PS3 was ahead, it was ahead.

What happened from October to December doesn't change what happened from January to September. It's basic logic. Math doesn't rewrite history. Deal with it.

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SuperLupe2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Here are your beloved worldwide sales.

@disagrees: oh you want the intergalactic sales not worldwide right ?

Outside_ofthe_Box2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

1 year only?

Congrats on the 360 being #1 in console sales last year though. Let's see if they can repeat it this year.

banner2374d ago

Last I checked.... Ps3 is still last when you add ww numbers.

DebateMaster2374d ago

hes talking about yearly numbers.

banner2373d ago

Oh i see... So yearly numbers puts ps3 first and that alone makes the over all numbers not matter.. Got it.

Dante1122374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

@ Units

Yeah, they could. The article you posted is talking about Sony loses as a whole company, the PS division actually makes a profit despite what you may believe. The Ps3 has been making money off hardware since 2010, they probably make more off it since it's now 2012 so they could afford a price cut. If the 360 doesn't drop the price, I think the Ps3 won't need to drop the price.

Source: http://playstationlifestyle...

Edit: @ Noticeably Fat above

If you didn't notice from the most recent MS 360 division fiscal report, sales were down by as much as 50% WW probably because MS overshipped last year (neogaf, IGN editor's, Gamespot theory-articles they have on it).


MysticStrummer2374d ago

Shhh no one wants to admit that MS reports shipped 360s as sold on here.

Sinner101GR2374d ago

Well, tuT puts it at price to Xbox, which is 15 months winning in sales, Acer all. Not a bad move...but very unexpected

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