Xbox 360 GPU power coming to mobile by 2014, says NVidia

A slide given to AnandTech by NVidia shows that the graphics-chip manufacturer expects mobile Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to surpass the GPU in Microsoft's Xbox 360 by 2014. While home consoles are released and then sit for years in homes, mobile devices are refreshed and updated by hardware vendors every year.

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donniebaseball2398d ago

People on consoles don't like to hear it, but tablets will eventually surpass them.

Hisiru2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

Only if tablets will cost a lot and have crap battery life.

Also, You won't see God of War, Mario, Zelda, Gran Turismo or other games on the tablets.

Face it, apple boy: Tablet will NEVER surpass consoles.

ABizzel12398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

How is this news?

It's been happening with the PSP since 2005. The original PSP was nearly par with the PS2, and the Slim was technically superior to the PS2 in about every way. and by then the console was 5 years old.

The Xbox 360 will be 8 years in 2013 aka the time they believe the GPU's will be the same, and 9 years old when they believe moblie GPU's will have surpassed them.

And at the same time there will be a new Xbox out, and it'll take another 5+ years for mobile to catch up, and the point of this article will be unnecessary.

Is it impressive "Yes", does it make console look bad "NO". The Vita is almost there now, so it's not surprising. But the PS4 and Nextbox will move pass them effortlessly.

darthv722398d ago

to see nvidia chose to use the 360 gpu as the reference point. Considering that is an ATI/AMD part not Nvidia. Why didnt they just openly say the RSX?

Isnt the RSX on par with the 360 GPU? At least they would be focusing on their own product line instead of trying to use a competitors chip to make their point.

I guess it doesnt matter really. It is inevitable that mobile/tablet cpu/gpu performance would improve to the point of console quality. To think the tech would always remain behind is crazy.

turgore2398d ago

well said !
In adition tablets dont have buttons, so the only game you can play is angry birds and other casual crap lol !

DeadlyFire2398d ago

Umm....Power6 technically might already do that in 2012/2013 :)

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Rageanitus2398d ago

yah tablets will surpass older generation consoles ;)

Dark112398d ago

Did consoles surpass PC? nope
are tablets going to surpass consoles? nope

by 2014 ps4 and nextbox will be out already

Minato-Namikaze2398d ago

Yeah but tablets don't have the quality of games or a proper control scheme, so in that sense they never will

Crap_Turtle2398d ago

Who cares? Your never going to see games with the depth, control, or graphics of a handheld game even..........

chukamachine2398d ago

Powerwise it's tricky, depends on many things.

But control wise, tablets,phones are not good enough.

Would i play a tablet more then a console. Nope!.

Besides battery life is crap on tablets,phones,laptops.

iceman29292398d ago

... ultra portable home console? plug it into any tv and you are good to go.

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The story is too old to be commented.