Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Multiplayer Demo Hands-On (GamersXtreme)

GamersXtreme: "Upon entering my first match, I immediately felt a similarity to Gears of War’s control scheme; X is your main action button, used to sprint, get into cover, and vault over it. Different from it, however, is the ability to crouch and go prone with the Circle button, a nice addition. I was also intrigued by the game’s unique “Snap to Cover” system; while leaning out of cover, arrows will appear in front of other objects you can take cover in. By looking in their direction and holding X, your character will quickly sprint to the location and get into cover without any additional input. It’s a nice way to move from cover to cover, and ensures there won’t be any weirdness when you try to get in cover there. Other than these features, the gameplay feels much like other games in the genre; your character is fragile like in Call of Duty (less so with the Rifleman), you can blindfire and lob grenades like in Uncharted, and you can either aim over the shoulder or look down the...

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BiggCMan2791d ago

I think the multiplayer is crap. Absolutely nothing unique about it period, a generic, cover based, military shooter. Doesn't feel futuristic, doesn't feel different from the crowd. Seeing the trailers for the single player really excited me, so I hope that that part of the game is still good.

Neo Nugget2791d ago

Hopefully some of the things that set it apart from the rest come later in Multiplayer. But I sort of agree with you. Aside from camo and a floating HuD, I don't really feel like a "Future Solider" :(

Bathyj2791d ago

Thats pretty much what I just said in another thread.

xVeZx2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

played a match before and its not that great...walking around feels so clunky...i tried to play more but i keep getting disconnected from the ubi sure if they would let me play more id get used to it and maybe start to like it...i didnt like bf3 at i have almost 300 hours logged into it

Dannycr2791d ago

To me this is what Socom4 should have been. Controls felt great to me. There are some bugs here and there, but overall, there's no lag, no cheap deaths, no camping and you get rewarded for team playing. Once you get to unlock all the cool attachments of the weapons and your character, it takes off.

I agree it doesn't feel "futuristic" but I don't care, game feels and plays great to me.