League of Legends – What Riot could improve.

In general League of Legends is a really good game, possibly the best MOBA-game out there right now, but as always, nothing is perfect and even Riot have made a few mistakes lately. A good example is the massive amount of new champions they are constantly pushing out, in a sense it kind of disrupts the general gameplay more than it adds more diversity to it.

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Tsuru2787d ago

I dont agree with any of this.

Saladfax2787d ago

I stopped playing because the metagame became incredibly stale and boring to me, and the heavy emphasis on excessive farming for multiple team members made it much more passive and dull than other MOBA offerings.

The thing that bugs me most (touched on by the article) is that they seem to have very little notion of how to effectively balance the game. Instead of constant, aggressive changes to ensure at least basic utility for most of the champions, there are several who are essentially broken and almost useless, or at the very least significantly less effective than whoever sits at the top of the tier list for their lane.