Dragon's Crown Releasing In April 2013?

It was rumoured to be cancelled, but Dragon’s Crown now has a new publisher in Atlus and a possible April 2013 release date.

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Dante1122795d ago

I hope it's true. Looks pretty good, like one of those old school brawler games.

Krakn3Dfx2795d ago

I went ahead and Googled 'Dragon’s Crown boobs' with Safe Search Off. I wasn't disappointed. Thank you internets.

jc485732795d ago

I don't think I have been disappointed with any of Vanillaware's games. Really old school stuff.

KidMakeshift2795d ago

In the meantime, I say download Capcom's Dungeon & Dragon arcade games for MAME.

Dragon's Crown is basically an homage to it

ShaunCameron2795d ago

Next year? :(

But at least the game didn't get cancelled.

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