Metal Gear Solid 5 could be set in Africa, star baby Snake

CVG - Metal Gear Solid 5 will be set in 1970s Africa, star Big Boss and - and maybe, just maybe - show the birth of baby Solid Snake, according to an in-depth investigation in the latest issue of PSM3.

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Jio2789d ago

Well, I consider the Militaires Sans Frontières as the original Outer Heaven. While Outer Heaven is in South African in Metal Gear 1, the games never really explained why he would abandon a functioning plant with thousands of soldiers, and why he would develop another Metal Gear in the 1980's when he already had one working in the 1970's. That's why I consider the Militaires Sans Frontières as the original Outer Heaven.

Jio2789d ago

Outer Heaven is in South America, not Africa

Solid_Snake372789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Um... Outer Heaven was established in South Africa near galzburg

ginsunuva2789d ago

Something to do with Zanzibar

Outside_ofthe_Box2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )


Am I the only one that wants to play as Solid Snake in his prime one more time?

I hope that Metal Gear Solid 5 takes place some time between 2 and 4 and you play as Solid.

Batzi2789d ago

Same here man. Solid Snake is my favorite character in the series and I really wish we could see again alongside Otacon without Sunny -_-

Tainted Gene2789d ago

well said,

what alot (okay maybe not a lot) of people don't realize is that in the whole metal gear solid (not the originals on nes and msx) we only got to play as "the Solid Snake" once..... thats it.

MGS: Solid Snake
MGS2: Raiden
MGS3: Big Boss (Naked Snake)

and here is the kicker-
MGS4: "OLD Snake"

Yeah I know Old snake is really solid snake just "Older", but in a sense he wasn't "The" Solid Snake. In MGS4 he was old, sick, dying, melancholy, and just was plain oh tired of fighting and war. If players look back we never really got a chance to play as SOLID Snake again
after MGS 1. The closest was in MGS2 where Hideo-san teased us with the tanker mission and alas it was just the 'prologue' of the whole game (I luv MGS2 by the way, was not a Raiden hater).

Back to the point, i know the saga of snake has been concluded, as it should be, but i wish we got to play as him "in his prime one more time".

ps: every time I replay MGS4 I always wear the young snake Camo mask, just for this very reason.

MrBeatdown2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I always play MGS4 with the young Snake mask on. It's always bugged me that we haven't gotten a more modern game where we could play as Snake in his prime.

My dream MGS would be a complete remake of the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2, either as two games, or a single game, while only keeping with the basic plot so Kojima has the freedom to tell the best story possible.

OmegaSlayer2789d ago

Makes sense.
The taboo Kojima mentioned might be kids involved in wars.

Megaman_nerd2789d ago

The taboo he mentioned was for Project Ogre, not MGS5 unless both projects are the same.

MrMister2789d ago

@ megaman_nerd:

I think project ogre is definately Mgs5's pre-production code name. Look at the setting, it's clearly in Africa (the climate, jungle, african colored beads the boy has on) the boy is clearly a boy-soldier (he has on similar gear that big boss wears) you know: the military pants with the ammunition pouch, etc.

But none of that proves its mgs. What DOES give us a clue for sure is the animation of the boy. As he is running around, I noticed that Kojima simplyy plugged in the same animations used for Big Boss in Peace Walker (even though its a portable game, its animations were superb). He runs exactly like him and at the same pace. It's definately an MGS game (even if he decides to change the animations later, his use of them are a big indication of what he has in mind for project ogre).

And remember, Bigg Boss meets Grey Fox when fox is just a boy soldier. IF he met him in Africa, then the boy was likely black (yes there are many other races (including many whites) in Africa, but virtually all young boys that were used as child soldiers were black Africans (sadly)).

So I wonder if the child we're seeing on Ogre is Grey Fox. YES, Grey Fox has been portrayed in Portable Ops as Caucasian, but that was a non-kojima spin-off (which Kojima borrowed SOME of the events (not all) from Portable Ops and then made Peace Walker).

Either way, i'm excited to see how new games like MGS 5 and GTA 5 are looking to be making deeper stories that deal with more taboo, politically sensitive subjects. These are gonna be some deep storylines!

The_Nameless_One2789d ago

it'll be awesome if the last scene you'll see in the game is Snake and Liquid being born and Big Boss holding them both in his arms.

I wonder if this going to be a PS3 time exclusive r will it be the first MGS game to have a multiple platform release at the same time.

Doesn't matter to me, I'd buy on the PS3 anyways. Playing a MGS game on anything other then a PS controller just feels wrong to me. Besides You'd know the 360 version will be at least 3 discs.

The_Nameless_One2789d ago

Soldius was created 2 years after Snake and Liquid.

FanboyPunisher2789d ago

Super nerds,
Its what makes this thread up.

Super nerds,
The whitest kind of white meat.

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TheFirstClassic2790d ago

That could be interesting but I really want remakes of metal gear 1 and 2.

L6RD7BLU32790d ago

Metal Gear solid: The twin Snakes if you don't mind playing on Gamecube

Saladfax2790d ago

Pretty sure he meant the NES games.

TheFirstClassic2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Yeah I meant the ones in the 80s, I think they could realy do a lot with it and it might help us understand the relationship between big boss and snake. @topdudeman you're wrong,snake defeats big boss in mg2.

Edit: Btw I've played every mgs except twin snakes, I'll be getting that one soon too. :)

Edit2: @noticeablyfat there won't be a direct sequel too mgs4, Hideo didn't back himself into a corner he meant for that to be the last farewell for solid snake. The only game where I had a problem with the story is mgs 2, all the others were understandable enough.

Most series I get tired of after enough games, but not mgs. I've played six of them, 1-4 and PO and PW and I've loved all of them. Didn't get tired of playing any of them. Each game made noticeable changes in the gameplay to keep it fresh.

n4gisatroll2789d ago

I hate twin snakes. It was over the top and ruined itself with all the stupid cut scenes.

TopDudeMan2790d ago

MG2 was just the original version of MGS's story, I think.

But I don't think MG1 has been done.

L6RD7BLU32790d ago

AH! the NES games my bad

Lilioups2790d ago

As long it remains for the ps3 its all good

MysticStrummer2790d ago

I'm guessing you mean PS3 exclusive. I'll be very surprised if MGS5 isn't multiplat.

Fez2789d ago

I hope it is multiplat cos then I'll be able to choose which console to buy next gen...

PS3 was a requirement this gen :P

Batzi2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Highly unlikely brother. Konami and Kojima Productions confirmed that future games will be multi-platform. Plus, the Fox Engine which is rumored to power MGS5 was created to support all consoles and PC.

LOL_WUT2789d ago

I hope it plays like the old games and it looks as good as MGS4 if not better.

KeiserSosay47882790d ago

I hope that everyone gets to experience the game on all platforms:) Me included, on PC

TopDudeMan2790d ago

I'm sure he means he just wants to play it on his PS3. He doesn't mention exclusivity at all.

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Noticeably_FAT2790d ago

They backed themselves into a corner with that ridiculous story in the last Metal Gear, Snake is too old to do anything now.

I guess they could prequel it up and confuse more people? When you've painted yourself into a corner, its prequel time. Just ask the people making God of War 4, I mean God Of War Ascension.

2pacalypsenow2790d ago

MGS4? that is the final metal gear solid game or solid snakes story it was a perfect ending

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2790d ago

MGS4 was made to be the last game in the MGS series chronologically. why would they ignore that and go and make a sequel to that? there was never meant to be a sequel to MGS4.

btw some of the best games are prequels, MGS3 for instance and that didnt confuse anyone. it gave the series a brilliant backstory, you saw the boss, big boss, ocelot in their youth and the story was brilliant.

A prequel playing as the boss, with the cobras would be brilliant. it might not add anything storywise to the MGS series as a whole but it would be damn good.

and GOW make one prequel (in the main series) and that means they've run out of ideas? Nice logic.

raiden-492789d ago

there are 3 GOW prequels that is all!!

MysticStrummer2790d ago

MGS4 had a great story. MGS2 was the one with a ridiculous story. Saying Snake is too old now shows little imagination, given all of the genetic experimentation and nanotech that has gone before. No reason why Old Snake can't be rejuvenated or some other Snake clone created. Sounds like it will be another prequel though, which is just fine since most fans of the series will tell you MGS3 is the best overall, and it starred a "different" Snake. Since you're confused, I would bet you haven't played most of these games. The saga is convoluted for sure, but not confusing.

KwietStorm2790d ago

Hating just for the sake of hating? I've never seen that one before.

Outside_ofthe_Box2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

lol Do you even play Metal Gear or God of War?

If you played every single Metal Gear there is no way you'd call MGS4's story ridiculous. The reason why Snake is old is because he is a clone. It isn't ridiculous it makes sense. Troll harder son.

***"I guess they could prequel it up and confuse more people?When you've painted yourself into a corner, its prequel time."***

This proves that you are just trolling. There have already been prequels for Metal Gear and better yet people aren't confused after playing them-- except maybe the people that never understood the story in the first place...? Furthermore, do you mean to tell me that MGS3 (which is a prequel and which came out before the 'too old' Snake) was made because Kojima painted himself into a corner lol? Troll some more.

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Yangus2790d ago


This game need ps brand!

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