New Halo 4 shots reintroduce Grunts, Elites, and ... guns?

Joystiq - Are you sitting down? Are you fully braced? You should probably brace yourself for this shocking news: Halo 4 will have Grunts, Elites, and guns. Yes, it's true, Master Chief will once again be blasting through suicidal Grunts and proud Elites in his battle against ... well, we're not really sure.

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matt19912788d ago

I really hope there are new enemy's.

aviator1892788d ago

There are, the elites and grunts are merely the minority adversaries in Halo 4. They're either probably salvage ships or separate from the covenant we saw in Halo 3.

I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing some forerunners in action.

Swagman23212788d ago

Is it just me or does Halo 4 look freakin' awesome! Can't wait for this game to come out.

DeadSpaced2788d ago

One word to describe this. Beautiful.

rockbottom30762788d ago

title is very misleading. Also it says concept art so is it what we should expect or no. Still stoked to get the game though. I believe he's the original reclaimer and went back in time from the blast.

ginsunuva2788d ago

Elites and grunts again!??!

As cool as they are, it kinds ruins the feel of the new trilogy to know we'll still be fighting the same old people who refuse to die. And they don't even look better - they look all dinosaury and ugly.

ColSanders372788d ago

I think they are going for a more savage looking group of elites/grunts, who are probably from an older tribe.

There will definitely be new enemies though. 343 will do right by the halo fans, Frank and the team know what they are doing.

lategamer2788d ago

There are new enemies. The main enemy of Halo 4 has yet to be revealed.