Top Ten Goths in Games

Rich writes:

"In this episode, we discuss the Top Ten Goths in Games, so bring your eyeliner, foundation, and fishnets! If you are faint of heart, I don’t recommend watching this video, as it is sure to send chills down your spine! Not spooky enough for you? Got a problem with #1? Leave a comment, discuss the choices. Maybe we missed one that belongs? Leave all feedback below. Just remember…keep the lights off!"

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SnakeCQC2370d ago

goth chicks are soo hot

H2OAcidic2370d ago

I can agree with you on that one. I'm not sure why to us guys they're "hot." Though I could think of a few reasons but that would be going a little to far.

LOL_WUT2370d ago

I agree look at those boobs!!!