Golden4games: Prototype 2 Review

The main character of Prototype 2 is Sergeant James Heller, a man who blames the deaths of his family on Alex Mercer. After surviving a suicide mission and being transformed into the virus by Alex Mercer, Heller is looking to kill Mercer, who acts as the game's main antagonist. Due to the mutation of the virus, Heller is not completely like Mercer. The virus' mutation has granted it tendrils, which makes Heller's appearance more fluid and organic than Mercer's black and red, metallic coloration. Mercer's motives are unclear, but unlike the first game he is not committed to stopping the virus, but seems to be spreading it

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Super_ike2425d ago

he said the graphics haven't improved and gave it a 6.....he is very mistaken, i have this game already and i assure it has improved alot from P1

OllieBoy2425d ago

Yeah, just from the videos I can tell it's huge improvement. The city is much more detailed.

axerated2424d ago

What did I just read? Crazy translation shenanigans...