New Releases for the Week of April 22nd- April 28th, 2012

From donning a horned helmet and swinging humungous melee weapons at walking blood-bags in Bloodforge to whip-fisting through a swath of foes in Prototype 2, this week’s new releases offer a few outlets for slaughterous expression.

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sharpsword3349d ago

Risen 2 is now in July (for console).

Arrr, matey. I hope these last-minute delays.

madmad3349d ago

Maybe Prototype 2.

What's in the $80 version?

mediastudies3349d ago

- hardbound art book
- soundtrack CD.
- Colossal Mayhem DLC pack
- Avatar gear for the Xbox and dynamic themes for PS3.
- Dark Horse digital comic entitled either "Labrinth" or "Labryinth"
- voucher for 20 percent off of Prototype merchandise.

RaptorMan3349d ago

Risen 2. Wait- what happened to the console version?

deserteaglexix3349d ago

Delayed until July 31st 2012.

CharmingMan3349d ago

I was surprised to find that Bloodforge was made by Climax.

Crap_Turtle3349d ago

the week where I import fire emblem from japan and get Shifting World

risen 2, protype look bad