Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Multiplayer Beta Impressions (Gamematics)

GM: "My initial thought after just a few matches was 'This is not the Ghost Recon I know and love. It’s better'. Ubi has managed to steal/borrow bits and pieces from the other top shooters on the market and combine them into one fun experience. After even more time with the game I began to think that the delays were simply a way for Ubi to see what the other games offered and borrow from it. But at the same time they managed to keep some of Ghost Recon’s basic fundamentals in place. You still need to be smart in your game play and work as a cohesive unit as running and gunning will get you killed in a hurry and ultimately lead to a loss. I could go on and on and spew a ton of info at you but I’m afraid that it would get lost amongst all these other words. Sooooo...its time for a good old fashioned Pros and Cons list."

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