Nintendo must act now to stay ahead in console wars

Despite being launched nearly a year later, the Wii is on course to overtake the Xbox360 in terms of all-time total global sales; since its launch in November 2005, the latter has sold 17.7m units worldwide and, although Christmas figures for the Wii are still not in, early indications suggest it will pip Microsoft to the post.

The fact that Nintendo has no plans to ratchet up production in the near future suggests it is being cautious, fearing that a stockpile of consoles could destroy the buzz surrounding the product. It has no intention of following in the footsteps of Bandai, the company behind the Tamagotchi virtual pets that were popular in the late 1990s; it too was unable to meet demand but, by the time it had stepped up production, consumers had lost interest and Bandai ended up having to cut its pre-tax profit forecast by 95%.

Both Nintendo and Microsoft will be buoyed by Sony's beleaguered PlayStation3. Software releases have been patchy and big hitting games have underperformed, despite the fact that the console is by far the most sophisticated. To make matters worse, the company's flagship virtual world – Sony Home – is still nowhere to be seen after suffering successive delays.

Until Sony can sort out its woes, the console wars will centre around two competitors. All eyes are now on whether Microsoft can sustain its newfound success as the halo effect of the world's biggest game release begins to dim. Meanwhile Nintendo will be hoping the millions of customers who were unable to get a Wii for Christmas don't stay disgruntled for long.

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Gaara_7245438d ago

i think the wii will die down soon when it 1st came out all my m8s wanted it but now they hardly ever talk about it and there talkin about the ps3 like its the next thing to money(every one likes talkin about money..) y do they all talk about the ps3 coz its got final fantasy 13 and final fantasy vs 13 (they all love final fantasy 13 esept pavel who says it has no story to it.. lol we just say pavel final fantsy 10 he says this is my story so how can it have no story lol)

KeiZka5438d ago

Same in writing that is readable to a normal person? Until then.

PS360WII5438d ago

Yea they aren't going to increase production for they are maxed out as it is are not about to contract out more manufatures. Nintendo is the quiets of the 3 so I'm sure they are a few tricks we haven't heard about yet, but I wouldn't mind a few more bomb shells dropped... ah well gamer conventions are starting soon ^^

smashballs5438d ago

Nintendo doesn't give a good god damn about your stupid console war. And they're certainly not going to "make their move" on the warnings of peons like this article's hackstastic jingoist regurgitator.

War is over if you want it.

Leathersoup5438d ago

I never considered Nintendo to be in the console war. They've got a completely different product. It's akin to saying that high end Ferrari's are competing with the Ford Focus.

JBaby3435438d ago

They can just keep doing what they are doing. It's working!! They need to just keep offering a cheap alternative with fun pick-up-and-play games that those without much experience can get into. The hardcore crowd that wants one has one. I think it's the general public who are still waiting to get one. On a technical level they can't compete with PS3 and 360 so they need to stay in the niche they have been dominating from since release. That's who they are appealing to and who they need to continue to appeal to.

jorellpogi5438d ago

Nintendo will just do fine as long as they continue to flood the market with new and exciting games.