Bloodforge 30 minute preview "God of War Arcade"- GameFan Magazine

GameFan Magazine: "Episode 4 of 15 Minutes of Fame is back, and we’re taking a look at the second game in the Xbox 360′s Aracde NEXT promotion tour: Bloodforge. From Climax Studios (makers of Sudeki and Silent Hill Origins) comes this dark and gritty action brawler that takes the gore of the God of War series and ups it tenfold. Join us with special guest host, GameXplain EIC, Andre Segers as we take this blood fest for a little spin and talk about the random things one can buy on Japan’s Amazon store in this special double length episode."

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andresegers2370d ago

Looks pretty good for a downloadable

Frankfurt2370d ago

XBLA is a better platform than retail PS3 or retail XBox 360.

The best games this gen are on XBLA. Every month there's a couple titles that put the average retail game to shame. Just look at the titles released this year so far. They may be shorter and have less AA or whatever, but they're also way, WAY cheaper, so...

newsguy2370d ago

never heard of the game but it looks good!

dachiefsman2370d ago

i couldn't make it past 4 mins listening to those guys...less is more....