Playstation 3D Display Receives Massive Discount writes, "Late last year, Sony released their Playstation 3D display package right in time for the holiday. If you’re a fan of 3D gaming and weren’t able to snag it during the last holiday, then you’re in for a great deal today."

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MrDead2786d ago

For what you get that is a very good price.

blitz06232786d ago

The price dropped to $399 last year before the holidays, permanently. So this discount is only $100. Also, the display went $299 in a lot of retail stores during Christmas (Boxing week here in Canada)

guitarded772786d ago

I bought one about a month or so while Best Buy was holding a sale on them... I bought it to use ad a computer monitor, but have since started doing the majority of my gaming on it. I got all this for $299 + tax

1 24" PS 3D Displat
2 Pair of 3D Glasses
1 PS HDMI Cable
1 MotorStorm Apocalypse
1 MLB 12 The Show

I couldn't pass up all that for $300. I wasn't really impressed with 3D until I got the display and started playing some in 3D. Even my wife who's not a gamer is really impressed with gaming in 3D. She started playing Super Stardust HD in 3D and got addicted.

Fylus2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

@guitarded, you serious? Damn, I need to go shopping. That is an awesome deal.

erasure2422786d ago

@ guitarded77 Gamestop also has the same deal with the extra 3D glasses and The Show for $299.99... I traded some stuff in and ended up paying only $24 for the bundle.. great deal IMO... The PS3 Bluray Remote 2.0 also works with the 3D TV, and its a pretty nice TV that does the job very well.

guitarded772786d ago

@ Fylus
Yeah, it was a great deal, but check this s#!t... screwed up on their website one time and I got a 4gb XBOX 360, a Kinect, the XBOX Adventures game and Dance Central all with overnight shipping for $47 dollars and some change. That was a crazy deal. My buddy called me and says "Dude, go to right now", then he says... "how many should we order?" I started cracking up. We didn't think they'd actually ship them, but 2 days later we both had new XBOX/Kinect packages on our front door steps. I think if you hold out and keep an eye open, you can find a good deal on these 3D displays... you may have to wait for Black Friday, but a good deal always makes a purchase feel better.

@ erasure242
$24... damn son!!! Enjoy the display, I know I enjoy mine :)

CommonSense2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

if everyone is suddenly cutting the price, it's because there are too many in stock that aren't selling. there is probably a reason for this. most HD console gamer want something much bigger than 24". also, if 24" is enough for you, you could just buy a 3D computer monitor. you probably won't get that 2 person effect (that's actually pretty crap because you get shadows from the other perspective), but you'll get a much higher quality screen, more densely packed pixels, and a better contrast ratio.

Having said that, 3D is meant to be an immersive aren't going to get immersed in 24 inches. 3D is really meant for theaters...but if you're bringing it home, you should be going as large as you can.

ChrisW2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Sounds about right.

A 24" 120MHz 3D capable PC monitor costs about as much.

geth1gh2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

If you guys think gaming in 3d on a 5 year old ps3 is awesome, you should try it out on a decent gaming pc.

Games like bf3 and the witcher 2 just take every detail and a make it feel like you are simply staring through a window into another universe.

The pricing seems onpoint though. Just paid $700 for my 27inch 120hz 3d asus pc monitor. Although you do get what you pay for :) 50,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

EVILDEAD3602785d ago

I bought mine last year at full price..literally a couple of days before the price drop..which I laughed about.

But I've been one of the only ones around these parts who talked positive about the monitor.

I can only tell of my experience but i absolutely LOVE my monitor.

For gaming Uncharted 3 and Gears of War 3 are phenominal if you own either or both consoles. But for the PS3 my alltime favorite game Sjadow of the Collosus got a 3D overhaul and for me it was priceless.

Batman Arkham, GT5, Motorstorm, Avatar (lol), Black Ops, etc.

But for the movies...that's where this pays for itself..


andibandit2785d ago

Why are people here on N4G even talking about getting this, as 99% of them swore they would get it Day 1

Boody-Bandit2785d ago

Man I'm so tempted but I really wish it was 32" instead of 24". 32" is perfect for a console gaming monitor.

This is an incredible deal though. Still tempting regardless of size.

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BringingTheThunder2786d ago

gamestops doing the same deal and throwing in games and glasses.

gintoki7772786d ago

I really hope sony can rebound and start growing again

dougr2786d ago

This display is literally $299 every single time I have ever gone into my local best buy, not worth it to me until it is $199 with 2 pairs of glasses. Motor Storm + glasses for $299 is still more than I would pay for that display.

TheTwelve2785d ago

Reverse the 2 and the 4 in the size dimensions and I'd be all over this. Just too small for me.


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Sucitta2786d ago

it's been 299.99 for over a month now where i live

metsgaming2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

yep good deal if anyone is looking for a monitor or a small tv. I think it was Phillips was it that are going to make some models with similar tech but in bigger sizes.

Vitalogy2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Really!? Why the heck sony's releasing it at €500 in Europe -_- *sigh*

Now just take a look at simple math:

299.99 USD = 226.957 EUR
US Dollar Euro
1 USD = 0.756550 EUR
1 EUR = 1.32179 USD

499.99 EUR = 660.882 USD
Euro US Dollar
1 EUR = 1.32179 USD
1 USD = 0.756550 EUR

Seriously sony!? I hope you hit a wall with this product in Europe so you learn once and for all!

Fel082786d ago

Holly crap. This is actually a great deal. I might get one.

Adva2786d ago

Has been $299 since December.

bunt-custardly2786d ago

I'd contemplate getting one of these except in Europe the price is still mightily high.