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Excerpt: "Trials Evolution is a great looking game. Trials Evolution does away with the enclosed, dark warehouse levels. Nearly every level happens outdoors with varying times of day and weather. And the draw distance is spectacular, levels appear endless in scope. It is great to see that RedLynx took feedback from Trials HD to make the levels more grandiose and a lot more fun. An editor was included in Trials HD, but you could only share levels amongst friends. Now, the doors have been blown wide open and now you have two types of editors, Lite and Full to create the tracks of your dreams. Or create a new genre. Yes, Trials Evolution’s editor can allow you to make any kind of game you want using the game’s engine. RedLynx has already provided levels in which you jetpack, play angry birds, or even play a game of foosball. It’s silly, awesome, and incredibly amazing what can be done."

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