MSXB - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier exclusive Beta footage

In case you've not seen the Beta in action, here's some gameplay footage for your perusal.

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Bathyj2790d ago

This is why I personally, dont like online MP games.

It looks like every other run and gun MP game. Team Deathmatch and CTF over and over again.

The whole reason I like Ghost Recon is the tactics, the planning your next move.Co-ordinated strikes and playing at your pace.

I've also been a bit worried that the game looks a bit easy. You seem to be all powerful, with invisibility, drones, being able to take out so many guards at once so easily. I love the look of the game, I just hope it has the challenge.

FarCryLover1822790d ago

It's not as tactical as the other GR games, which makes me sad. However, it does take skill and it's not 100% run and gun. I like it, it exceeded my expectations.

Bathyj2790d ago

I'm sure there will still be plenty of times when you can use your head. People have been worried the new Hitman will be too dumbed down and streamlined as well, but the latest preview I read says there is plenty of scope to play the style you want to play.

Here hoping Ghost is the same in that regard, and not too easy.