Possible Release Date For God of War: Ascension Revealed By Retailers

Trendy Gamers: Yesterday we reported on a possible release date for both Madden 13 and Fifa 13 due to a listing on and and now, they have listed a possible date for God of War: Ascension on their product pages.

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core_52376d ago

this is a placeholder date, the last day of february

BringingTheThunder2376d ago

'scheduled to arrive in their warehouse' on that day

Dante1122376d ago

Yeah, these are most likely just placeholder dates.

Dark-Knight2375d ago

Can't Wait for this game.

GTRrocker2375d ago

Best franchises for single player replay value are God of war and dead space.

rogimusprime2375d ago

I agree with you except for GOW: III. They should've had far more content being that it was released on the PS3. GOWII I played over and over again.

GTRrocker2375d ago

For me the boss battles in gow3 were worth the replay value

execution172375d ago

ah the Cronos fight was awesome the first time I fought him, and the intro for GoW3 was epic. better intro then other games final boss fights imo

GraveLord2375d ago

God of War 3 is the only game I've beaten twice in a row. I usually never play a story game more than once.