Wii U: A Strategy For Success

Nintendo is unveiling its next console, the Wii U, in early June for shipment this holiday season. The launch of a new console, every 5 years or so, is a crucial moment for any console manufacturer. The stakes are much higher than normal for Nintendo's Wii U launch, since Nintendo is projecting its first annual loss in 30 years, estimating a net loss of ¥45 billion (about $552 million, or £343 million, or €420 million) after previously projecting a ¥20 billion profit. The Wii, after a very successful run, has seen steep sales declines in the USA, from 7 million units sold in 2010 down to 4.5 million sold in 2011; Nintendo is now estimating only 10 million units sold for the FY 2012 worldwide.

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donniebaseball2789d ago

Nice read. As the saying goes, count Nintendo out at your peril. It may not see Wii like levels of success but Wii U could certainly do very well.

CaptainN2789d ago

Very good article that goes in depth about what routes Nintendo can choose to have Wii-U become a success.

PopRocks3592789d ago

Yup, another more positive article that'll get next to no traffic.

Ck1x2789d ago

nice read I came and posted just to get it up to 4 votes! I think most just hate Nintendo because like Apple just about everything they put out is very successful one way or another.

legend9112788d ago

Now little fanboys and random haters of Nintendo, pioneers of mainstream gaming mind you... are dissagreeing with our comments, ignore them and "agree" with any legitimate comments. :)

Ck1x2788d ago

Well something they may agree on is Nintendo has cash in storage by the stockpile and Sony is in dire troubles right now. So these fanboys need to get out in the real world and support Sony with their wallets and not disagree votes on N4G, because that's not gonna save the company... Lol