Football Manager Handheld Piracy Rate 9:1 on Android - BNBGAMING

Shocking stats reveal extent of application piracy on Android as producer Miles Jacobson opens up on Twitter.

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Titanz2370d ago

Pirates seem to loot for booty everywhere, nowadays.

badjournalism2370d ago

I stopped caring when he played the 'lost sales' card.

MarcVaughanSI2370d ago

With regards to price; Its the same price as the game is on iOS and considerably cheaper than on PSP - bear in mind that its frankly impossible to release FMH at 99p or whatever because of the licensing costs involved with the game (i.e. below a certain price we'd be losing money with each copy sold).

I'm not playing any 'cards' at all myself - however I did implement the Android version of Football Manager Handheld largely in my own time (i.e. outside of work) because I love the platform and personally use a Galaxy S2 phone.

As such its obviously my hope that the product will sell well enough to warrant subsequent versions in the future ... will it do so, time will tell, I'll feel a tad silly for investing my own time in this version if it doesn't ;)

Marc Vaughan - Sports Interactive Ltd