'Halo 4' not a reboot

"Wake up, Chief. I need you."

Beginning with those words, spoken by the sexy, shimmering artificial intelligence Cortana to the emerald-armoured super-soldier called Master Chief, Halo 4 will mark the return of one of this generation's most iconic video game heroes.

But even a guy as tough as the 26th-century cybernetic warrior Master Chief might be daunted by the expectations that are weighing on this game, launching Nov. 6 on the Xbox 360. With a new studio (led by a Canadian, no less) at the helm and a fan community that ranges from casual sci-fi dilettantes to ferociously competitive online warriors, Halo 4 will be one of the most-scrutinized and most-played games of 2012.

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Patriots_Pride2795d ago

If the in game lighting looks anything like this picture then I tip my hat to 343i.

360GamerFG2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Halo 3 turned me into an FPS fan, before it I loathed the genre. Cannot wait to get back to Master Chief, the one who started it all (for me)
Wake up John.
Edit: who would have thought, that a guy in a modded motorbike helmet would become the badass gaming icon he is today?

mcstorm2795d ago

Ive been getting sick of the FPS games over the last 2 years I have bought more of them than any other type of game and I think I just got sick of them. I have done nothing but play forza 4 on my 360 since it came out but I think Halo 4 will be the game that gets me back into the FPS games again.

spicelicka2795d ago

we already knew it's not a reboot. It's gonna be epic.

Hicken2795d ago

"Halo 4 not a reboot."

No shit.