Torchlight II - Opening Cinematic

DSOGaming writes: "Runic Games have released the opening cinematic for their upcoming hack n slash RPG, Torchlight II."

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Cthuloid2789d ago

Not bad, not bad at all.

justpassinggas2789d ago

Actually, I'd say that's pretty bad...

I was really hoping for a new, epic narrative that Diablo games are known for. The dark fantasy of Diablo is something that most definitely adds to the game.

In this intro, all we get to see is that old heroes are gone and now we get to play as the replacements. I liked Torchlight 1 but I've only played it once as the narrative was poor. I was hoping that they'd bump up their game with Torchlight 2 but it doesn't seem to be the case. So, what we're getting is Diablo-gameplay and multiplayer, without the narrative and gritty, dark fantasy aesthetic...

Even Titan Quest had a great narrative (albeit more derivative and not as epic as Diablo's narrative).

kesvalk2789d ago

sad thing it will not survive diablo3...

maawdawg2789d ago

There is more than enough room in the market for both. I'll gladly pay $20 for Torchlight just for the fact that you can actually play it offline and they are allowing mods. The first one broke a million sales with no co-op, this one will do better than that easy considering it is a much bigger game altogether.

After my experience in the Diablo 3 beta I am not buying that right away so T2 will be my dungeon crawler choice when it does hit (probably June).

kesvalk2789d ago

i will not buy diablo 3 because blizzard has gone to shit since activision "merged" with them...

the moment i heard there will no lan AND a cash shop in the game i decided i will would never even touch it...

altough i don't know if i want torchlight 2 either...

just gonna play titan quest until then...