RUMOR: New Call of Duty Title and It's NOT Named Black Ops 2?

Jason at the Gamerplex said: "For the past few months, we've been hearing rumors of a possible confirmation of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Most notably we have heard from an Amazon France website which caused a small stir of events between GameBlog and Activision as well as Activision purchasing the Black Ops 2 domain."

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THC CELL2793d ago

People forget a vita version in make

TekoIie2793d ago

Call of duty: Black Ops: handheld Ops

Super subtitles FTW!!!!!!!

MysticStrummer2793d ago

No matter the title, it will most likely be the same old game.

Tai_Kaliso2793d ago

This is such a common misconception. The core mechanics are always going to be the same, its the same with all games. Why would a successful developer up and change what millions of people are used to?

People are also under the misconception that they are using the same old engine which used Quake coding, this is not the case. There is absolutely no Quake coding whatsoever in newer COD games. Hasn't been any since COD4.

The games have constantly added new and improved things, host migration, killstreaks, weapons, perks, game modes ect..

The problem is that so many people play the games, that there is bound to be exploits found, some people just have the need to cheat and find these exploits.

Why complain about a game, just find some other game that you enjoy and play that instead. There are tons of people that do enjoy COD.

TekoIie2793d ago

I think the reason people dont like COD is because its released every year with minimal change.

Although when we look at the jump from MW1-2-3 there are no less changes than any other new game that comes out. Its just that the differences from MW1-WAW were almost non existant.

But if blind fools fail to see differences in MW3 and black ops then you shouldnt comment. They are both COD games but both feel very different and play differently.

Tai_Kaliso2793d ago

I don't think that is entirely true. I believe people hate on Call Of Duty simply because its popular.

Why waste time on something if you don't like it?
Assassins Creed comes out years and nobody bashes on that, all sports games come out years and I've only ever seen people bash on Madden.

There are two development teams on Call Of Duty, they are both on two year development cycles, just like Uncharted, Gears and most other games that come out and spawn sequels now days.

GraveLord2793d ago

There's no reasoning with these trolls dude.
They got some mental problems.

Kran2793d ago

Of course it wont.

Black Ops was a sequel to WaW when you think about things. So why would you name a second sequel "Black Ops 2"?

Fylus2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Because of the popularity of the name. When a young casual gamer sees the name "Black Ops 2", they're gunna be thinking, "Another Black Ops, F**k yeah!"

That's the unfortunate thing about casual gamers these days.

Sucitta2793d ago

they could name this game Call of Duty Super Special Amazing Edition with More Guns More Bangs and Bigger Boobies and it would still sell 10 million copies.

They could even just take COD4 and call it COD6, change absolutely nothing but the text in game and some of the color scheme and again, it would still sell millions.

Kran2793d ago

Name a CoD that has boobies.

Sorry; name a CoD that has one single female character.

ACBAA2793d ago

way better with a different name

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